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Schedule A Call with me. I want to get to know YOU and YOUR GOALS.

But… before you can get your hands on “The Master Course”, please read this page.

The “Master Course”. It is known as the Bible to the Used Car Industry. This level of training will be your BLUEPRINT… a ROADMAP… to your success as a home-based car flipper, a licensed dealer, wholesaler, or auto broker.

With this study course, you can get up in the morning, brew a pot of coffee, sit down at your kitchen table, and start laying out your plan of discovery and action.  And, I will be right here ready to help fill in the gaps.

You see, I want to join you on your journey. And, what an exciting adventure you are beginning! I want to be right there… as your coach, your friend, your mentor.You will not do this all by yourself. Maybe, no one else supports your vision, but I will. I will NOT sell you a course and abandon you. You can schedule a coaching call anytime. I am here to help you. Guide you. Point the way. Help you avoid the pitfalls & mistakes so many people make – often costing them thousands. I am your friend in the car business. Try to get that anywhere else. Having me in your corner IS THE MOST VALUABLE PART of the training!

Additionally, I need to make sure we are a good match. I need to determine IF I can help you. I say “IF” because there ARE things/people/situations I can’t help. For example, I don’t know anything about importing/exporting cars or flipping heavy equipment (nor how to get your wife’s permission)…

And… In all honesty, only about 30% of people I talk to are invited to join (Don’t take it personally). Some guys I just can’t help. Some don’t need my help. Some don’t have the funds. Some need their “wife’s approval” (whatever dude). Some are just “tire kickers” dreaming of being a successful car guy. Others are just PITA and I don’t want to work with them (ahhhhh… the beauty of self-employment!). And…some just aren’t ready.

Are YOU ready?

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Because my time is very limited for “training” other people, I only work with a small batch of motivated, go-getter guys at a time. Not everyone is invited to join – not everyone is ready – and not everyone is a “fit” for the car business – the car business chews up and spits out the “weak” quickly.

Let me be frank… the “Master Course” (What most people get) is $1200 AT THIS TIME (and the price is probably going up – because it SHOULD be $12,000+ but I’m not charging anywhere near that price). If $1200 ‘scares’ you, or ‘seems expensive’, or you are afraid to make a $1200 ‘mistake’ (or need your wife’s permission), the car business is NOT for you – trust me when I say that.

Learn the car business right way, the first time… no guessing and “hoping”. No watching YouTube and trying to “get it”. What a waste of your time. Learn it right, the first time, from the industry leader in dealer education since 1997.

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