How To Become
An Auto Broker

A Step-By-Step “Study Course” To The Auto Broker Business


So… What is An Auto Broker?

Great question… Let me tell you!

First of all… this is an INCREDIBLE business model! Being an auto broker is worthy of your serious consideration… whether part-time hustle or full time career. And, I’ve been training new auto brokers since 1997. I am here to help you too.

In the simplest terms… an auto broker buys cars for other people… for a fee.

As an auto broker, you are a professional car buyer. You have access to NEW and USED cars (Don’t fret, I’ll teach you how!)

In other words… an auto broker is an independent car buying professional who will search, negotiate, and purchase a new or used car deal on the behalf of their customer/client for a profit.

Auto brokering basically INVERTS the old school model of the car business. So.. instead of buying a car and and advertising to find a buyer… you find the buyer FIRST (which I will teach you) and then you go buy the car they want (for a fee of course!).

Your ideal customer is a professional or small business owner. (don’t worry… I’ll teach you how to get clients!) Lean in and listen to this next statement… These folks are just too busy with life and business to mess with the ridiculous hassle and bull-crap one has to go through at a car dealership! They HATE the car buying process. Here you come to the rescue! Once they know what you do, they would rather hire you… the expert car buying expert to do it for them (and their wife and daughter and secretary and and employees and golfing buddy!)

You will have your hand on the pulse of the market. After completely my training program (a home based study course) you will be an expert at identifying whether a car has been in an accident or not, been in a flood or not, negotiating car deals, buying cars at auctions, … you will be able to take their trade in (and make a profit on that too!) and sell them an extended service contract (for a profit too!).

Everyone WANTS to know “the guy” who can buy them a car at the auction… you can be THAT guy (or gal – and let me tell you, women do even better at this business!! No lie.)

You can make money several ways.

The Car ($900+)

The Trade-In ($900+)

The Financing (After a few years in the business)

The Extended “Warranty” ($500+)


So…. when someone asks, “What you do?”

You’d reply, “I buy cars for people”

…or “I am a professional car buyer”

…or “I am a professional auto broker – I buy cars for people who hate going to dealerships.”

…or “I am a car dealerships worst nightmare, I buy cars for people direct from the auto auction”.

The Auto Dealer Academy Study Course teaches you everything you need to know to start and build your auto broker business. From finding clients, to taking trade-ins, to pricing your service. Take advantage of the special offer!


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