OK… I saw this car outside the grocery store. The paint job was SO BAD, I “had” to stop and shoot this small video and share it with you.


I want YOU to have the ability to “see” these things too! Once I train you HOW TO SEE PAINTWORK and HIDDEN BODY DAMAGE, you can’t UNSEE it – your world will be different when you look at cars – heck, you will even notice these things driving down the road or at stop lights – I am not even kidding you!


The paint is DEAD LOOKING.. no shiny lustre I would expect on a truck this age. Just DULL. This makes me come in closer with a more mindful eye.


Roll the video…. I want you to look at the REFLECTIONS of the cars and ground against the metal door (not the actual door/metal so much) but the REFLECTIONS and you will see the REFLECTIONS ripple across the metal as I sway from side to side to PURPOSELY see the condition of the METAL UNDER THE PAINT!

Now… a FACTORY door will NOT ripple like this at all. On a FACTORY DOOR the reflections simply move smoothly as you go from side to side. On THIS truck… A machine has worked the metal up and down!

I will train you how to have X-ray vision like this…


ALSO.. I did NOT mention it in the video (my bad!)… look at this picture below… of the door handle area.

Notice the “orange peel” (picture the texture of the peel of an orange – see sample orange peel image too) of the paint at the area of the SILVER CAR REFLECTION.

See how “broken up” the edges of the car are??? A FACTORY door will not have that much orange peel/broken up look. And… notice how INCONSISTENT that orange peel is…. not UNIFORM at all – like a factory could be.


The “over spray” on the rubber – at the end of the video – is horrible. Now, on a FACTORY PAINT JOB, there is NO rubber when they paint so there will not be any overspray o the rubber – makes sense, right??? . The over spray is from a cheap lazy body shop who did NOT tape off the area with ANY care AT ALL. (Now, a high end shop will REMOVE the rubber before painting!)

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