From an Auto Dealer Academy Graduate

“Hi George! Last month I bought a BMW Convertible for $7600. It had two creases in the driver’s door, two cig burns on the back seat, the interior top was loose in the back corner, and the manual transmission popped out of first gear. I had a seat repair guy fix the burns for $90, washed it inside and out, and sold it on ebay for $10,000 with ALL PROBLEMS stated! The buyer used the “Buy it now” feature and flew in from Salt Lake City (I’m in Chicago). He got a great deal, we made some serious cash, and we had the car for 10 days. Thanks!!! You’re the man. Eric – Chicago, IL

Could you imagine making a full time income (one student of mine just made $30,000 in 3 months doing it!) selling cars for profit over the computer?

You will never worry about people wanting to test drive your car on your weekends, strangers wanting to come to your home to see the car, 16 year olds calling and wasting your time, and the other “non serious” buyers. There is a way to deal with only BUYERS and avoid LOOKERS.

PLUS, get this, you can still keep your full time job!

I call it the “eBay Model.” It is covered in depth at the Auto Dealer Academy as a Bonus in Module 5.

With over 61 million active members, eBay is quickly becoming a powerhouse for automotive sales. The biggest used-car lot in the world is right there on your computer, courtesy of eBay. There were nearly 300,000 vehicles sold on eBay last year. Dealers account for about half of eBay Motors’ listings, individual sellers the rest.

DEALERS: Imagine turning your inventory every 7 days! Select a 7 day auction. 70%+ of all cars are sold in the 7 day auction. Think about it! Whats the #1 rule in car sales? You know it “Inventory Turn!”. Ebay is a great way to increase your turn. More and more dealerships have a “ebay manager” which is a separate position from the “internet manager”.

Normally dealers have to spend $400 – $500 in marketing money to get ONE PERSON to walk into a showroom. For that $40 listing fee, they get an average of EIGHT people bidding and perhaps hundreds of lookers over a 7 – 10 day auction period. Additionally, dealers don’t have to spend hours haggling their way to a profit, and they can turn over inventory faster.

And consumers report being twice as satisfied with their eBay experience than the traditional auto purchase at a dealership. Part of the higher satisfaction is because the purchase is out of desire – not need.

There are people making a lot of money selling cars on eBay but, believe me, eBay does have its faults like shill bidding, hidden IDs, no reserve auctions ending auctions early, vehicle misrepresentation, and more. We will discuss problems a little later. Knowing about these problems will help you avoid them!

Seventy percent of all the cars sold are “everyday cars”. Although highline cars bring the BEST profit potential. People will fly in from all over the country to buy your car or the BUYER can arrange a transportation service.

For dealers, Ebay is a simple proposition: a cheap way to reach throngs of buyers.

eBay is very reasonably priced for sellers also. Heck, ebay won’t even charge you if you don’t get bids or the bidding does not reach your reserve price! Try placing a classified in your large town newspaper for less!

You can even set the minimum you will sell the car for and wait for the buyers to start bidding. You can also put a “Buy it Now” at your dream price so someone could snag the car if they really wanted it.

On the Web, you are what your customers perceive.

Presentation does matter. You only have one chance to make the first impression – and it needs to be a good one. Your listing and feedback is critical.

Why not give it a shot and see how much fun it is. Selling cars on eBay is not magic. It is actually very simple and easy. Just remember that it will take a little time for you to see what cars work best for you.

There are some very simple techniques you will learn to help you sell cars for profit on eBay. Since this is an emerging technology, these techniques can not be found anywhere.

I know for a fact you can make $500 – $2500 per car on eBay. The key is to BUY THE RIGHT CAR FOR THE RIGHT MONEY. Its never about where or how you sell the car that determines your profit, its how much you pay for which car! No matter if the eBay marketplace or your home town – you have to study the marketplace and buy what sells!

Know this: Better ads do bring more money! Learn why YOUR ebay ads should look like mine.

I have actually bought the car off eBay and resold it on eBay for a profit! Same car + better ad = more money!

Heck, I made a $1088 profit on this deal alone. This is not brain surgery guys! Heck, I even missed out on an additional $700 in profit that I will discuss during your training at the auto dealer academy.

Go ahead, make a decision to move forward with your goals, keep learning, and buy nice cars & trucks to resale for profit.

I am here to help you learn the business. You can do this business. I will teach you what you need to know to make it happen!