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Do you have access to at least $10,000 to get rolling? (At LEAST $10K!)
Do you have a STRONG passion for cars? (Cars will be your LIFE!)
Do you have a hearing problem? (Auctions are LOUD)
Do you have good eyesight? (I had to send one trainee to the optometrist)
Do you have good physical stamina? (Walking auctions CAN be exhausting)
Do you have a pleasant personality & do people like you? (Answer this truthfully)
Will you always put the relationship with your client AHEAD of the transaction?

“Yes George I qualify! I am ready to join. But, what is the tuition?”. Glad you asked…. Click Here

The auto broker business is an ideal business to own! It offers low risk profits, lots of repeat business, tons of referrals, no waiting for people to show up for test drives, no nights, no weekends, no car lot, & no employees!

Auto brokering is SO successful because we exploit the one stupid thing dealerships STILL DO – they create a HORRIBLE BUYING EXPERIENCE!

As auto brokers, we completely reverse the buying/selling process and provide a GREAT buying experience for our clients! SO much so, they refer all their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family to me!

The referrals alone make this an incredible business.

“Hey George, I would highly recommend your training program for anyone planning to go into this business. Even if you have been in it for a while, it is well worthwhile because you will look with ‘fresh eyes’ and see some things you might have missed otherwise. George presents a fun and informative couple of days, and provides many insights into some of the challenges that will be faced. He will answer all the questions that you have and will bring up things you didn’t think of.Unless you have been buying and selling vehicles for a living and using auctions to do so, George’s training WILL save you time and money. The cost of the training is easily recovered by the savings in two or three deals, and his organized and focused methods of appraising and evaluating vehicles are consistently revealing.

Above all, George makes it fun and fast-moving. He has not stopped enjoying it and he will get you excited about your new enterprise! Good Luck!

Peter W. Robinson

Movinmetal, Inc.”

As an auto broker, you attend plenty of auctions (the fun part) buying nice, pretty, mechanically sound (without having to be a mechanic – don’t worry, I’ll teach you what you need to know!) cars & trucks! You get to work professional hours (no nights or weekends) with a highly respected career that can bring in professional six-figure wages.

PLUS, my clients LOVE me and so will yours. It makes work an absolute joy (not many people can say that about their career). Mainly my clients love me because I buy them SUPER NICE used cars at a FLAT RATE with UPFRONT PRICING. And, my clients are thrilled they will never have to step inside a car dealership again! No one REALLY likes buying a car at dealerships anyway! It’s time consuming and a big-ass-hassle if you ask me.

I’ve been there…

You see, I have been in the trenches with you! I’ve got the battle scares to prove it. I have stood in THOUSANDS of auction lines buying cars for my clients. I have trained hundreds of auto brokers. Learn from someone who has been there!

Fair Warning: I am a straight shooter who will tell you how it is. I don’t believe in sugar coating things or telling you things to make your ego inflate. If you are easily offended, you might as well hit the ‘back space’ button and go check out the latest you tube video. Assuming you REALLY do want to learn this business, you are at the right place. Now, some people think I am flat out rude BUT its not my job to polish your butt or tickle your fancy. I certainly don’t know everything and will be quick to tell you I don’t know something. But, what I do know I openly share with you! I am here to tell you what you NEED to know and make sure you know it well! Welcome to Basic Training for Used Cars. 🙂

Trust This… You WILL PAY THE PRICE for this knowledge one way or the other way! You will pay me to train you and avoid stupid costly mistakes OR you will make stupid costly mistakes on your own. Your Choice!

I truly believe, Auto Brokering is a unique business concept whose time has never been brighter! It combines an ideal market place & timing/trend conditions perfectly. These are critical times – this is no time to be foolish with your money! Put the odds in YOUR favor! If you want to be in the used car business, take a serious look at what I am about to tell you!

Imagine running a PROFESSIONAL business in a professional office. NO car salesman here! No waiting for a client to drive up so you can pounce on them! No Sir! We are talking a professional office offering a professional BUYING service designed to keep clients from EVER having to step foot in a traditional car dealership showroom ever again! Most brokers will rent an office space in a “professional office building” so they have a super nice high end office to meet with their clients. Nothing could be further from the typical car dealership experience!

The beauty of running an auto broker business is the fact you generally BUY cars for small business owners (people with money!), plus you don’t need an expensive car lot on the main street in town, & you don’t need to buy depreciating cars (let’s face it, cars are a depreciating “asset”) to advertise for sale. PLUS, no more test drives, no more nights, & no more weekends! However, you DO get to attend a lot of auctions (that’s the fun part!). I will show you how to make a superb living without a lot of stress or difficulty.

Being an auto broker is viewed as a “professional service” with the same status of a CPA or Doctor or Attorney. People never look at you as a “used car salesman” – that’s because you don’t sell cars, you “BUY cars for people”! Being an auto broker is like being a pilot – it puts you in an elite club.

If you are tired of feeling like a hamster on a treadmill (going nowhere), then maybe its time to consider a new career. Remember the Dunkin Donuts commercial, where the poor owner drags himself out of bed and says “time to make the donuts”. I think that’s how most people feel about their jobs! Its emotionally devastating to be stuck in a job you hate! Isn’t it? Is it time to make a change?

If so…. Get the training you deserve. I lay everything out in an easy to follow A-B-C format. Its easy-to-implement. This is NOT brain surgery guys! Anyone who tells you this business is HARD is a liar – they are just doing it WRONG. I teach a very LOW risk way of operating a highly profitable used car auto broker business.

Let me take you behind the curtain and show you exactly how its done…

Most Often Asked Questions and Answers

Q. What happens at the end of the training?

A. Most people get through the training in several months. It takes TIME to read and absorb the training information. It takes time to formulate your business plan. Well, I am here each step of the way. Even after you have completed the training and are starting your business, I am here for you. As long as you are a member of the Auto Dealer Academy, you have my full support to help you. I am NOT here to try and SELL you anything else (unless you want hands on one-on-one training at a dealer auction). The training is a “free-standing”. Once you no longer need the support, you can drop out of the Academy. No problem.

I know this MIGHT sound like a lot to learn. I tell all my auto brokers to take it one bite at a time. Although, you can download everything today (if you join) PLEASE do not try and learn it ALL today. You can’t. You simply can’t. If you download my syllabus, you will see how the course is organized. This will help you start your training and see the path of your training. After completely Module One, you will start to see your confidence grow.

Q. How can you ease my skepticism…. How do I know you are for real?

A. I totally understand! The best thing I can tell you is about my OWN training. I was trained to be a car buyer for a national car chain from some of the top wholesalers out of the Orlando Auto Auction. I was truly trained by the BEST wholesalers and dealers in the country. You can always give me a call: Need to Talk? Submit a Support Ticket

I will tell you this.. I piss some guys off because I am SO truthful. I won’t paint pie in the sky stories to help you allusion this business is simple as pie and you will make one million dollars your first year. I am the first to tell you to NOT do it. I do that more as a challenge to make SURE you want to REALLY do it. The guys who are successful I THINK would have been successful WITHOUT me BUT they will be the first to tell you that my training shortcutted their learning curve dramatically.

Q. Will I get the same results as your most successful students?

A. I will be honest. I do NOT know. I can not possibly predict that. Only YOU can answer that. Only you can decide if you are SO fed up with your current situation that you are ready to really commit to the training and IMPLEMENTATION of the training. I can’t make you get up off the couch and make this business work. Only you know if you are lazy or disciplined, smart or not, or hoping to find a magic lazy way to riches OR if you are serious and a sensible businessperson.

Please please please don’t doubt yourself. You CAN learn this business. It is NOT brain surgery BUT I will warn you – you must LOVE cars to make this work AND to make auto brokering work, you need to be able to get along with people EASILY. You have to have the mind set that you are truly helping PEOPLE. I have training hundreds of auto brokers, both male and female, young and old. If you reject this chance to learn the car business, I truly believe its because you, secretly, doubt yourself! Maybe you lack your abilities or you lack of follow through (actually applying the training). I urge you to see past those self doubts and take life by the horns and make things happen for yourself.

The ONLY thing I can offer is a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 30 days and need out of the academy, let me know. not everyone can be successful in this business. Its only for the elite – truly.

I guarantee you there is something meaningful, beneficial, and profitable for you in the training at the Auto Dealer Academy. I can assure you, there is no place in the USA that offers such complete training and support.


Once accepted, you will be mailed a thick three ring binder with all the training material. You will also be granted access online to download audio training materials and the inspection videos.  I recommend sitting down in your favorite chair with pen and paper to take notes ONE MODULE AT A TIME. (I like to pour a large ice tea when I am reading).

Do this for all SIX modules and the bonus training material AND then DO IT AGAIN. YOU WILL MISS stuff. The second reading is even MORE valuable in my opinion. I guess it all depends on how serious you are if you do it twice or even three times. Heck, its your money you are playing with! Don’t be stupid and make a mistake that is OUTLINED for you already in the course.

Also download the hours of audio training and put them on your iphone, ipod, or ipad so you can train anywhere! Members report listening to this stuff over and over burning the information into their brain. When you hear something over and over, it finally sinks in and becomes a part of you.

I DO recommend going through the training SLOWLY and IN THE ORDER I published them. There is a reason to the madness.I’ve been putting this together for over a decade. I have trained hundreds of brokers (yes hundreds!) and I KNOW where you will MESS UP and cost you THOUSANDS of needless dollars. I want to help you AVOID making stupid costly mistakes. This is an IN DEPTH study course. The experience is nothing like reading a thin little manual.

I have gone to the extremes to make sure everything I teach works.

I have consulted with other dealers, wholesalers, and brokers through the years. They have went through my course and added stuff they thought I should have added. I have cheerfully paid dealers hundreds of dollars to pick their brains and bought many steak dinners for the privilege. I have been trained by some of the best in the business and from the School of Hard Knocks. So, if you want to be a successful auto broker, like myself & other graduates, then get this training in your hands right away because it will save you from making tons of expensive stupid mistakes like I made. If accepted, you get ALL the training and lessons I have learned over the past fifteen years. I challenge you to find ANY auto broker who will “strip naked” in front of you, revealing every detail of what he does, how he does it, and how much money can be made. You won’t!

You will be relieved to learn that the fee for this training is the SAME fee as I charge clients to use my auto broker buying service. How fair is that! So, if you follow my formula, it will cost you just ONE freaking deal to get this training material. So, after your first deal, this training was basically FREE. I told you it was a NO BRAINER price!

Folks, I will know instantly if you tried to shortcut the learning process and SKIP modules JUST by the questions you ask in the Q&A forum and when you ask them. Be sure to visit the Q&A forum so you can see the questions OTHERS have asked. Be sure to ask your questions in this forum as well. I want everyone to learn from everyone. The Q&A Forum is worth the price of this training alone.

PLUS, you get one hour of phone consultation with me personally. I recommend saving this til the END of your training so we can make it a strategy session and not wasting your time (and my time) by asking questions that are answered in the training material. My consultation fee is $250 per half hour (30 minutes). If you need additional chat time, we can schedule it.

I recommend buying a 5 subject notebook and TAKING NOTES! Yes, WRITE IT DOWN and you will remember it BETTER – I promise. Also, WRITE YOUR QUESTIONS DOWN AS THEY OCCUR TO YOU! Ok?

WARNING: There are some pretty lame “courses” out there promising to teach this stuff for stupid cheap. The sites are cheesy (you know what I mean) and they don’t offer any real help. Most people selling anything similar has NEVER EVER bought a car at a dealer only auction in their life! Simply put: You get what you pay for my friend!