Dealer Training

Your Next Step….

Lesson 9 Module 1



The lamp on the pathway illuminates the next step.

All you NEED to SEE is the next step... especially if you suffer from "I need to know everything, backwards and forwards, before I can get started." Do you know that person? They never accomplish much - they are still studying, examining, contemplating about getting started.

Do YOU need to know all the steps BEFORE you do step number one?

If so... I'll let you in on a secret. It is a doozie. It is powerful. Ask me how I know!

Here it is: You do NOT "need" to know all the steps to get started. No you don't. You see... When you finally get to Step 23, you will be READY to know/learn/understand Step 23.

So, stop lying to yourself.

You are only procrastinating... delaying.... stuttering...

Do you "really" need to KNOW everything before you begin? Nope!

And... guess what??? If you adopt this philosophy, guess what it does? It ELIMINATES the STRESS of "pretending" you need to know it all RIGHT NOW.

You don't need to read another book, consult with another friend, talk to your dad, call your CPA, ... you need to get started. Take that first step. Be brave - God made you unique and he made you brave!

Hear me out: Pretending you "need" to know it ALL, BEFORE you get started is simply a mental trap you abuse to keep your fear in a cage. You HIDE behind "preparing" because it is safe.

Do it despite your fear. Do it anyway. Who cares!?!?! No one is looking at you anyways (That's another secret of the successful - they know this already!).

In my experience, the number one fear people have is this... "What will "they" think of me?"

Get over that. Normally, "they" aren't even watching - they are caught up in their own life on facebook or instagram. AND... trust me, they are thinking the exact same thing, __"What will "they" think of me?"__ This same question STOPS them from accomplishing anything great too.

You see.. "They"... most likely... have never accomplished anything BIG themselves. They have lived a life of "playing it small". And... IF THEY DID DO ANYTHING BIG, THEY'D SUPPORT YOU! Because only the truly successful understand the fear of standing on the edge of the cliff and jump... hoping their wings would spread.

At some point, you have to jump... to take the first step... to believe in yourself.

And let me tell you, if anyone did speculate, "Oh, you can't do that". Take that as a flat our challenge! Let that fuel the flame into a rage. And here is some flat-out truth.. nothing feels better than doing what others say you can't do!

So... STOP studying. STOP worrying what "they" will say.

STOP saying "someday I'll get started". Somehow LIFE gets in the way and "someday" never arrives. Just stop it. Get started. You will be AHEAD tomorrow if you get started today. Next week, you will be way ahead. Who knows where you will be in six-months or a year. You might not even recognize yourself!

The light is at your feet. That's enough.

The lamp is illuminating the path. That's enough.

God made you special. You are enough.

You can do it if you'd only allow yourself to get started.

And don't forget this little fact.... You have the ability to make course corrections. The path may zig-zag, go up-and-down, or flip upside down... but you got this! The wind changes, adjust your sails - no big deal.

You got this.

It's your turn. The world is waiting for your greatness. Your family needs your greatest. But mostly, YOU DESERVE TO SEE YOUR GREATNESS.

Start with the first step.

God has illuminated the path. 

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