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Note From George:

I personally want to help you. Let's hop on a call together and discuss your goals. I need to determine IF I can help you. I say "IF" because there ARE things/people/situations I can't help. For example, I don't know anything about importing/exporting cars or flipping heavy equipment (or how to get your spouse's permission)...

But.. If I can help you (retailing, wholesaling, auto brokering) and I believe you have "what it takes" to be successful, I will invite you to join the Auto Dealer Academy. Now, let me blunt... the price is not "stupid cheap" to join but its not crazy expensive either. The price is LESS than the profit on ONE average car deal!

And.. In all honesty, only about 30% of people I talk to are invited to join (Don't take it personally). Some I can't help. Some don't need my help. Some don't have the funds. Some need their "wife's approval" (whatever dude). Some are just "tire kickers" dreaming of being a successful car guy. Others are just PITA and I don't want to work with them (ahhhhh... the beauty of self employment!). And...some just aren't ready.

Are YOU ready? Let's chat!!