“Well Howdy!”… My name is George and Welcome to the Auto Dealer Academy.

First of all… If you’d like to talk with me before joining the Auto Dealer Academy, schedule a call with me. We will discuss your goals and the training at the Auto Dealer Academy.

Let me be blunt… the flat-out, honest-to-goodness truth is… you could… possibly (maybe) learn all this stuff on your own… slowly… over time … by watching 50,000 hours of Youtube Videos (good luck with that – I’ve watched a few myself), sifting through questionable content online, and making your own (costly but avoidable) mistakes – in other words…. the hard way. There are folks who like to make things difficult.

OR... take shortcut.. speed up the entire process & put me on your team!

Are You In The Right Place? If you are looking for a complete A to Z training program for buying & selling cars for profit, you are in the right place. The Master Course is the gold standard. You will learn everything from finding hidden body damage to building a profitable auto broker business. I hold nothing back – you get it all. My 25+ years of experience all wrapped into one course.

I got a question for you. Do you have experience in the car business? If so… maybe you don’t need the coaching part of the Master Course. Maybe you only need the information. I got you covered. I have a discount for you. I call it the “Old Timers Discount”. You can get the course at half off. Click Here. And by the way, if you are reading this (most people don’t read anymore), you can also get the TRAINING PORTION of the Master Course, WITHOUT the Q&A Calls with me, at half off too. Just Click Here.

Your Bank Roll: Make sure you have a small bankroll to get going. You will need money to buy cars! To be perfectly up front, I do NOT recommend getting your license ‘off the bat’. Lets flip a few cars first, then take your profits and get your license. If you are asking, “Well, how much money do I need?”, you probably don’t have enough. I recommend a minimum of $10K to $20K. read 10 Rules To Flipping Cars

MY BACKGROUND: I’ve been training new dealers, wholesalers, and auto brokers since 1997 – a LONG time. I’ve learned a thing or two I’d love to share with you about the car business – it ain’t brain surgery and most of the people you conduct business with will be as-honest-as-the-day-is-long (surprisingly so!). It is a great American business built on your word and honor. Your word, your good name, and your handshake still means something in the car business. Plus, the best part is… there is a built-in “wholesale” market and a “retail” market which creates the fantastic profit margin & ROI a smart business person might realize!

When you become a member… you get the Master Course (Course Syllabus ) AND you get “ACCESS TO ME” to get your questions answered. You get to tap into my decades of experience so YOU can avoid the costly landmines out there. I will guide and mentor you to make smart, wise decisions with solid methodologies & time-test practices. This will SHORTCUT the learning curve drastically (by years!). You will learn the car business the right way, the first time.

ONE LAST THING: If you can’t EASILY afford my price, you can’t afford the car business. Period, end of story. If you can’t invest in yourself without fear, second thoughts, or getting someone else’s permission… you will NEVER be able to buy a car at a dealer auto auction – trust me, I KNOW!

If you love the car busiess, if you are trainable, & if you are willing to invest in yourself…. let’s roll!