How to Start a Profitable Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot

Howdy (said in my best Texas accent)!

The downloadable PDF Buy Here Pay Here Manual will help you add “buy here pay here” to your profit model without screwing it up. This information packed manual is 117 pages & the only one of its kind in the country.

The truth is…. no one wants to tell you how to do it. This manual WILL get you going down the right path! To boot, it’s only $247. Less than a NICE steak dinner with your wife and a few adult beverages.

Heck, I even taught my mechanic how to do it!!

He has 256 people bringing him $75 a week…That’s $19K a week!

If they don’t pay, he picks up the car immediately. No pay – no play.

If their car breaks down, he repairs it and keeps the payments rolling in!

I recommend starting small with just one car. Then do two cars, then three, then four. Make sure this business is for you! This ain’t for everyone! Before you know it, you will have 50 cars on the street.

Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) Manual: Table of Contents


Ten commandments to note lot success

The basics of a note lot

How much profit can a BHPH make?

Advantages and disadvantages

Financial management

Income tax problems explored

RFC’s in more depth

Increased profits through note creation

Where can you sell your notes?

What to do when things are slow

Management information systems (MIS)

Your BHPH customer

Your staff

What about salesmen?

Your inventory

Your marketing

Lending Basics


Interviewing the BHPH customers

Can you pull a credit report?

Is the customer credit worthy?

How does down payment affect default rate?

Closing the loan

Collect your money

Collection law

Fair debt collection

Extended warranties


Need more money for growth?

Investment Opportunities

BHPH Final Advice

Reference Tables