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Auto Broker Course

3 Lessons Intermediate


🏆 Winner: Number One Profit Model for 2020 & Beyond!

With this training, you will build on the knowledge contained in the "Used Car Profits" System to become a professional car buyer. As an auto broker you find, negotiate, and buy cars on the behalf of your clients - or a fee of course.

PLUS... you make money on their trade-in (always ask if they have a car to trade in!) and selling extended service contracts (known by the public as "extended warranties").

Every car you buy is ALREADY sold. That's why its LOW RISK PROFITS. You aren't buying a car in HOPES of finding a customer, you ALREADY have the customer. Think about that. 

This is THE profit model of the future! If you know how to work with people... this is the business for you!

This training will teach you how to find clients, take profitable orders, and grow an Auto Broker Business. This business is scalable. You can hire more and more auto brokers as your reputation expands. 

Everyone wants to know the "guy" who can buy them a car from the auction - YOU are that "guy". Then, their wife will need a car. Their 16 year old son. Their secretary. Their buddy at the golf course.It keeps expanding if you do a killer job!

NOTE: I recommend you ALSO BUY the "Used Car Profits System" (UNLESS you already have years of experience in the car business).

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