Dealer License Manual

How to get your own dealer license... in your own state ...  Cheaply!!

Download: Dealer License PDF Manual (Tells You Everything)
Video #1: The ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST Way To Get A License.
Video #2: Should You Lease Someone Else's License? 
YOUR State Requirement & Forms. 
✅ I'll Reveal You Do NOT Need A "Car Lot" To Get A License!

WARNING: Don't get your dealers license without this manual!

This manual will provide valuable content, resources, lists, tips, ideas, and suggestions you will find very valuable in your journey to become a licensed motor vehicle dealer, wholesaler, or auto broker. 

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Buy Here Pay Here Manual

💰Learn the basics of the Buy Here Pay Here business. Sell cars on weekly payments for big profits. 

Table of Contents


Ten commandments to note lot success

The basics of a note lot

How much profit can a BHPH make?

Advantages and disadvantages

Financial management

Income tax problems explored

RFC’s in more depth

Increased profits through note creation

Where can you sell your notes?

What to do when things are slow

Management information systems (MIS)

Your BHPH customer

Your staff

What about salesmen?

Your inventory

Your marketing

Lending Basics


Interviewing the BHPH customers

Can you pull a credit report?

Is the customer credit worthy?

How does down payment affect default rate?

Closing the loan

Collect your money

Collection law

Fair debt collection

Extended warranties


Need more money for growth?

Investment Opportunities

BHPH Final Advice

Reference Tables

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The Master Course


✅ Step-By-Step Auto Dealer/Broker/Wholesaler Training. Since 1997!
✅ How To Get Your OWN Dealer License In Your OWN State (Do NOT "Lease" A License) Manual 
✅ How to Start Flipping Cars For Profit From Home Without A Dealers License
✅ How To Be An Auto Broker (Marketing, Taking Profitable Orders, Trade-Ins, Extended Warranties, ...) 
✅  How To Be a Used Car Wholesaler 
✅ How To Buy Cars At Dealer-Only Auctions (Secrets & Tips)
✅ How to Operate A Small Car Lot
✅ Buy Here Pay Here Manual
✅  The "Used Car Profits" Six Step Process: Find, Inspect, Value, Buy, Detail, & Sell for a Profit. 
✅ Instant Access To All Training
✅ Plus.... One Hour of One-On-One Phone Coaching With Me ($497 Value)
✅ Plus.... LIFETIME SUPPORT (Priceless If You Ask Me!)
✅ Plus.... Lifetime Access & Updates
✅ DOWNLOAD: Auto Dealer Academy Course Syllabus

This is, hands-down, the MOST comprehensive auto dealer training course in the country. We have trained hundreds of dealers, wholesalers, and auto broker. This study course is know as the "Bible" To The Used Car Industry. 


Can you afford the car business?  Seriously... do you have the money to invest in your education AND money to buy cars??? This is not a business for people with limited resources or thinking. "I don't have money" is not an excuse. Personally, I recommend a MINIMUM of $10K ($20K is best) to get started. (This allows you to buy 2-3 cheap cars easily) Even if you have $100K+, I will still recommend you only use $20K of your money to get started. You make smarter decisions when you have a limited budget!
You do NOT need ANY experience to get started. That is why you have me.
You do NOT need to get a dealer license to get started - not at all. In fact, I recommend NOT getting your dealers license until you have flipped several cars.... this will PROVE to YOU whether or not you LOVE the business AND it will boost your confidence AND it will give you some seed money to invest into getting your dealers license. Make sense?
You get to download all the manuals and watch all the videos as many times as you like.
You also can schedule Q&A calls with me to get your questions answered. You will NOT be alone. I am here to help - truly. 
So.. how much is the training? More than you wish it was but less than you fear. Less than the profit on ONE car deal. A one time payment of $1200. That is it. Nothing else to purchase. Thats everything.


To Get the Master Course..
. 📞 Schedule a Call With George..

NOTE FROM GEORGE: I personally want to help you. Let's hop on a call together and discuss your goals. I need to determine IF I can help you. I say "IF" because there ARE things/people/situations I can't help. For example, I don't know anything about importing/exporting cars or flipping heavy equipment (or how to get your spouse's permission)... 

But.. If I can help you (retailing, wholesaling, auto brokering) and I believe you have "what it takes" to be successful, I will invite you to join the Auto Dealer Academy. Now, let me blunt... the price is not "stupid cheap" to join but its not crazy expensive either. The price is LESS than the profit on ONE average car deal!

And.. In all honesty, only about 30% of people I talk to are invited to join (Don't take it personally). Some I can't help. Some don't need my help. Some don't have the funds. Some need their "wife's approval" (whatever dude). Some are just "tire kickers" dreaming of being a successful car guy. Others are just PITA and I don't want to work with them (ahhhhh... the beauty of self employment!). And...some just aren't ready. 

Are YOU ready?

Let's chat!! 📞


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