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The Master Course

Here it is... the most comprehensive auto dealer training course in the country. We have trained hundreds of dealers, wholesalers, and auto broker. This study course is know as the "Bible" To The Used Car Industry. 

✅ Step-By-Step, A-Z, Nuts & Bolts Training. You Will Learn This Business.
✅ Manual & Videos: How To Get Your OWN Dealer License In Your OWN State (For As Little as $400 a Month) Manual ($147)
✅ Manual: :How to Start Flipping Cars For Profit From Home Without A Dealers License ($247)
✅ Manual & Videos:How To Be An Auto Broker (Marketing, Taking Profitable Orders, Trade-Ins, Extended Warranties, ...) ($497)
✅ Manual: How To Be a Used Car Wholesaler ($247)
✅ Manual: How To Buy Cars At Dealer-Only Auctions (Secrets & Tips) ($247)
✅ Manual: How to Operate A Small Car Lot ($247)
✅ Manual: Buy Here Pay Here Manual ($247)
✅ Manual & Videos: The "Used Car Profits" Six Step Process: Find, Inspect, Value, Buy, Detail, & Sell for a Profit. ($247)
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✅ Plus.... One Hour of One-On-One Phone Coaching With Me ($497 Value)
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Just for a second, let's talk about the "Six Step Process". This is the MOST valuable training you will ever get in the car business. It is the meat and potatoes of the car business. Completing this training (239 Page PDF Manual & 8 Videos) is like going to college and getting your Bachelors Degree in the car business (At a much cheaper price!). It's the foundation before your more advanced studies... like "How To Be An Auto Broker".

The Six Step Process:

One: Find the Car (They are everywhere! Once you start looking, you will find more deals than you can buy!)

Two: Inspect The Car Like A Pro (Avoid accident cars, flood cars, frame damage cars, ...)

Three: Determine Retail & Wholesale Value (Buy it Cheap!)

Four: Negotiate the Deal & Buy It (Subtle art of negotiation!)

Five: Recondition The Car To a Showroom Shine! (I love Adam Polishes)

Six: Sell the Car. Pocket The Profit. Repeat!

Listen... You MUST KNOW this "Six Step Process" training COLD - without this step-by-step training, its sorta like learning to swim by jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool on Day #1. You could possibly do it, but I don't recommend it.

Whether you want to flip cars from home, or get your dealers license and become a small dealer, wholesaler, or auto broker - you NEED this information. EVERYONE uses this information. It is as basic as reading and writing. This manual is REQUIRED reading. Print it out, bring out a pen, and take notes. 

And.. the flat-out truth is.. you will NOT learn this stuff ON YOUR OWN. You just can't. There are things you NEED to be SHOWNPOINTED OUTMADE CLEAR.

Throughout this training, you WILL learn things you didn't know... that you didn't know, you didn't know! (Hope you followed that - it a tongue twister)

Here is a SMALL TEST:


Here we go....

1. If you were standing in front of a car at an auction, could you quickly tell me which panel or panels on the car have been "repainted"? And WHY is that even important?

2. If you were standing in front of a car at an auction, could you quickly tell me which panel or panels on the car have been "taken off & replaced"? And WHY is that even important?

3. What are the tell-tell signs a car has been in a flood? How do you know if the car you are looking at wasn't recently in a flood in Louisiana? 

4. Why should you look in the glove box at an auction? What are you looking for? HINT: It's not for the owners manual. And... what should you do if you find the item(s) I am hinting at?

I could go on and on and on.

At the risk of sounding redundant, this is the MOST IMPORTANT training at the Auction Dealer Academy.

If you decide the used car business is NOT for YOU, no problem. Ask for a refund. I will refund 100% of your purchase and wish you the best. The QUALITY of my training is NEVER at question. My system has worked for HUNDREDS of "car guys". This is HANDS DOWN the very best training in the used car industry. HOWEVER, this BUSINESS is not for EVERYONE. If you are SCARED to put your OWN money on the line to buy a car, don't order this course. I am NOT interested in keeping your money if you don't have "what it takes" to implement the training. Otherwise, jump in, the water is warm. The car business is a GREAT business - let me teach you! I've been there-done that - I am here to help!

Did you know... The NADA Reports the Average Profit Per “Used Car Deal” is $2,319…Even if you are only HALF as good, thats $1,159 profit per deal – not bad! (Link To Article). ONE DEAL pays for your training! 

TIP: For your first few deals, just take the profit and move on! Even if it's just $600. Take the profit and move on! And do it again. The KEY HERE... How QUICKLY can you turn your money into MORE money. Pigs Get Fat - HOGS get slaughtered. Don't be a HOG and demand every cent of profit possible. The MATH works out better to flip the car quickly & re-invest that money into another car! There are PLENTY of deals out there - heck, you can't buy them all if you wanted to!

Folks, this IS the MOST comprehensive study course on the car business ever. PLUS, you can get your questions answer by ME personally. Click the "Support" tab at the top. I am here to help. 

This training might be the most valuable information you've ever read. It has been called "The Bible" to the used car industry for a reason.

Get It. Read It. Highlight It. Profit From It!

7 Lessons