How To Become
An Auto Broker

Auto Dealer Academy Offers A Step-By-Step “Study Course” To The Auto Broker Business

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Great question… Let me tell you!

In the simplest terms… an auto broker buys cars for other people. You are a professional car buyer.

In other words… an auto broker is an independent car buying professional who will search, negotiate, and purchase a new or used car deal on the behalf of their customer/client for a profit.

Auto brokering basically INVERTS the old school model of the car business. So.. instead of buying a car and and hoping to find a buyer for it… you find the buyers FIRST and then you go buy the car they want (for a fee of course!).

When someone asks, “So, what you do?”

You’d reply, “I buy cars for people”

…or “I am a professional car buyer”

…or “I am a professional auto broker – I buy cars for people who hate going to dealerships.”

…or “I am a car dealerships worst nightmare, I buy cars for people direct from the auto auction”.

The Auto Dealer Academy Study Course teaches you everything you need to know to start and build your auto broker business. From finding clients, to taking trade-ins, to pricing your service.


In the Auto Broker Study Course , I will teach you to MAKE SURE your client is already pre-approved for a car loan by a local lending institution.


Well, the first reason is (to make sure they can pay for the car!

BUT… the MOST important reason is….

You want to make a connection with that lending officer! Let them know EXACTLY what you do and why they WANT to send MORE of the THEIR clients to YOU!

Auto Brokering is an exciting career option for people who love cars and love helping people.
Table of Contents (CLICK HERE)

Introduction to Auto Brokering
Tips for Success
Three Things You Must Do to be Successful
Auto Broker Checklist

Step 1: Marketing (Finding Clients)

Credit Unions

Small Business Owners

Networking Groups

Web Presence

Word of Mouth

Company Benefits Package

Other Marketing Ideas

Step 2: Customer Walks Through Buying Process

Step 3: Customer Meeting to Discuss Op+ons & Value Trade

Telling the Client “The Story”. Selling the “Experience”

Taking Profitable Orders! (This advice ALONE is worth the price of the course!)

Step 4: Write Up the Order

Taking the Deposit

Preselling the Warranty

Step 5: Source the Vehicle

Used Cars: Auctions, Wholesalers, Dealers, eBay, …

New Cars: Nine Step Process

Step 6: Negotiate & Buy the Car

New Car Tips

Used Car Tips

Step 7: Get a Buy Bid on Their Trade In

Step 8: Call the Client With Their Trade In Value & Price on Extended Service Contracts

Step 9: Call the Client and Update on Your Search

Step 10: Get the Car Inspected & Cleaned

Step 11: Facilitate Financing

Step 12: Have Paperwork Printed & Ready

Step 13: Deliver the Car to the Clients Home/Office

Step 14: Send a “Thank You” Card!

Step 15: Call One Week, One Month, Six Months, One Year, &

Building a Lifetime of Profit One Customer at a Time

Let’s Talk About Profit