Start A Profitable Used Car Business…

Learn How To Buy & Sell Used Cars For Profit… Starting Today!

Training Dealers, Wholesalers, & Auto Brokers Since 1997

Learn How To Buy & Sell Used Cars For Profit… Starting Today

Training Dealers, Wholesalers, & Auto Brokers Since 1997

From: George Dean
Just South of Texas Motor Speedway
On a Sunny Monday at 3:26 P.M.

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Auto Dealer Academy!

You are in the right place if you want to buy & sell used cars for profit… whether you want to be a smaller dealer, used car wholesaler, or an Auto Broker… heck, you can even start from home without a dealers license.

Our NEW digital “classroom” training system allows me to add, change, or update content on-the-fly. And… trust me… during this nationwide lock down, I’ve been adding A LOT of new content.

Start Here —–> Get the FREE Starter Kit.

Then grab one of my advanced trainings and become a dealer, wholesaler, or auto broker.

I look forward to helping you!

George Dean

Free Starter Kit

How to Buy & Sell Used Cars For Profit. A Perfect Side Hustle or New Career.

➡️ 6 Training Videos
➡️ Mini Study Course
➡️ Tips Of The Week Emailed
➡️ 20 Minute Q&A Call With George (Optional)

Used Car Profits System

Learn The Step-By-Step Process Of Buying & Sell Used Cars For Profit.

Find ➡️ Inspect ➡️ Appraise ➡️ Buy ➡️ Recondition ➡️ Sell. ➡️ Repeat.

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT Training at the Auto Dealer Academy.

The Six Step Process:

     1. Find the Car
     2. Inspect The Car Like A Pro
     3. Determine Retail & Wholesale Value
     4. Negotiate the Deal & Buy It
     5. Recondition The Car To a Showroom Shine!
     6. Sell the Car. Pocket The Profit. Repeat!

You MUST know this information COLD.. like the back of your hand. 


Dealer License Manual (Dealer or Auto Broker)

How to get your own dealer licensein your own state … for as little as $400 a month!

WARNING: Don’t get your dealers license without this manual!

✅ Download: Dealer License Manual (Tells You Everything)
✅ Video #1: The ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST Way To Get A License.
✅ Video #2: Should You Lease Someone Else’s License?
✅ YOUR State Requirement & Forms.
✅ I’ll Reveal You Do NOT Need A “Car Lot” To Get A License!

This manual will provide valuable content, resources, lists, tips, ideas, and suggestions you will find very valuable in your journey to become a licensed motor vehicle dealer, wholesaler, or auto broker.

Auto Broker Study Course

🏆 Winner: Number One Profit Model for 2020 & Beyond!

With this training, you will build on the knowledge contained in the “Used Car Profits” System to become a professional car buyer. As an auto broker you find, negotiate, and buy cars on the behalf of your clients – or a fee of course.

PLUS… you make money on their trade-in (always ask if they have a car to trade in!) and selling extended service contracts (known by the public as “extended warranties”).

Every car you buy is ALREADY sold. That’s why its LOW RISK PROFITS. You aren’t buying a car in HOPES of finding a customer, you ALREADY have the customer. Think about that.

This is THE profit model of the future! If you know how to work with people… this is the business for you!

This training will teach you how to find clients, take profitable orders, and grow an Auto Broker Business. This business is scalable. You can hire more and more auto brokers as your reputation expands.

Everyone wants to know the “guy” who can buy them a car from the auction – YOU are that “guy”. Then, their wife will need a car. Their 16 year old son. Their secretary. Their buddy at the golf course.It keeps expanding if you do a killer job!

NOTE: I recommend you ALSO BUY the “Used Car Profits System” (UNLESS you already have years of experience in the car business).

Retail, Wholesale, & Auction School

➡️ Own a Small Car Lot
➡️ Be a Used Car Wholesaler
➡️ Learn How Dealer Auctions Really Work

Learn how to run a small car lot. 

Learn how to be a used car wholesaler… flipping cars between dealers and auctions. 

Learn how dealer auctions work – CRITICAL!


Buy Here Pay Here Manual

💰Learn the basics of the Buy Here Pay Here business. Sell cars on weekly payments for big profits.

Table of Contents


Ten commandments to note lot success

The basics of a note lot

How much profit can a BHPH make?

Advantages and disadvantages

Financial management

Income tax problems explored

RFC’s in more depth

Increased profits through note creation

Where can you sell your notes?

What to do when things are slow

Management information systems (MIS)

Your BHPH customer

Your staff

What about salesmen?

Your inventory

Your marketing

Lending Basics


Interviewing the BHPH customers

Can you pull a credit report?

Is the customer credit worthy?

How does down payment affect default rate?

Closing the loan

Collect your money

Collection law

Fair debt collection

Extended warranties


Need more money for growth?

Investment Opportunities

BHPH Final Advice

Reference Tables

One Hour Coaching Call

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The Motherlode

✅ Get Everything! Learn Everything.
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✅ Plus…. Lifetime Access & Updates
✅ Retail, Wholesaler, Auto Broker, Dealer License Manual, Used Car Profits System, BHPH Manual

Free Starter Kit

How to Buy & Sell Used Cars For Profit
A Perfect Side Hustle or New Career.

➡️ 6 Training Videos
➡️ Mini Study Course
➡️ Tips Of The Week Emailed
➡️ 20 Minute Q&A Call With George (Optional)

Member Review

“Hey George, I would highly recommend your training program for anyone planning to go into this business. Even if you have been in it for a while, it is well worthwhile because you will look with ‘fresh eyes’ and see some things you might have missed otherwise. George presents a fun and informative couple of days, and provides many insights into some of the challenges that will be faced. He will answer all the questions that you have and will bring up things you didn’t think of.

Unless you have been buying and selling vehicles for a living and using auctions to do so, George’s training WILL save you time and money. The cost of the training is easily recovered by the savings in two or three deals, and his organized and focused methods of appraising and evaluating vehicles are consistently revealing.

Above all, George makes it fun and fast-moving. He has not stopped enjoying it and he will get you excited about your new enterprise! Good Luck!

Peter W. Robinson
Movinmetal, Inc.”

Member Review

I am busy trying to get thru the whole course once quickly to get an overview and then I will go thru parts of it again VERY carefully. I am really excited! I was a “Highline Auto Broker” for a couple of years. It came out of my boat brokerage. My partner and I sold powerboats and our clientelle always loved my cars. At the time I spent all my money on owning the most expensive sports cars on the market and justified it by saying that it gave me credibility in business and it did-in a way.

What happened was my customers that bought expensive boats ended up asking me to find them a car. I fell into it and in the late 90’s everyone seemed to have a lot of money from the dotcom explosion. I made a lot of easy money but never developed any formula and really never knew what I was doing.

After the NASDAQ crashed and money got tighter luxury and exotic items were not as profitable so I figured I would learn about the car business properly. I decided to get a job at a dealership that sold the cars I knew about.

I was quite successful at it but its funny, I never got rich but my boss sure did! It seemed like the whole car business consisted of the owner keeping us salespeople as confused, ignorant of the numbers and in the dark as much as the buyers so we couldn’t cough up a good deal even if we wanted to! I learned nothing except how to play a tense game of sales poker and I was ALWAYS bluffing.

The hours were horrible, the competition among salespeople was fierce and surprisingly, the job was addictive. I ended up working seven days a week and could never find any balance between my personal life and making sure I got paid on all my deals. If I missed a day of work you can be sure a customer I had worked with for hours the day before stopped by the dealership on a whim and upon asking for me was told by one of my fellow salespeople that it was my day off but that HE would be willing to help out by completing the deal and stealing my paycheck! Needless to say my friends all encouraged me to find some balance between work and play or quit, you can guess the rest.

I gave up the car business went back to school ready to launch into a new field–fell in love, got married and now I am 2 months away from being a father. Needless to say I have been searching for a way to “get serious” and I think I have found it! I know enough to know that you have truly laid all your cards on the table. You have put into one course the entire world of the car business. IT IS AMAZING! I have always wanted to get the big picture but no dealer ever wants to give up their piece of the pie easily. Very few guys know it all. They find a niche and stick to it. Most of the time that means they have to work under someone else. The few guys I knew out there who were their own bosses surely didn’t want to tell me HOW EXACTLY they made a living. You have. It says two things

  1. You believe that the business can support many more industrious entrepreneurs
  2. You are truly a rare commodity: a man of integrity and confidence in the car business!

Thanks, more soon PHIL – Palm Coast, FL”

Member Review

“Hi George, Thank you for the excellent quality information I received within your manuals. Certainly the information shared went to the very heart of the matter in helping people get a grip on the used car business.

I studied, highlighted, outlined, and reviewed all the information you shared in order to take to heart and soul the depth of value written.

Warmest regards,

Ed Ross
Kalispell, Montana

Member Review

I just want to drop you a line and let you know how beneficial your course has been. I have been attending auctions for about 8 weeks now, and the techniques on your video and subsequent training are 100% accurate.

I have watched other dealers and wholesalers preview cars and some of them are using the same techniques.

I have gotten to know several dealers and wholesalers, and you are exactly right, these new acquaintances are very helpful in sharing their knowledge of the industry. Some of these folks have actually given me their business card and asked me to give them a call if I had any questions or needed help with a particular issue.

Keep up the good work George!”

Rusty Smith
Dallas, TX

Member Review

George is very thorough in training you to inspect cars for damage, and to determine if a car is worth bidding on.came away with confidence that I can go to a local auction, understand the process (and the auctioneers), and buy cars successfully.

Dennis from California”

Member Review

George, I wanted to write and let you know that study course was completely worth every penny and more…much more. I must admit, I had my doubts about spending the money and time for the auction training and questioned whether it would be worth it. Well….thank God I went through with it. The training, coaching and personal attention you provided during these 2 days has easily given me a 2 to 3 year jump on the industry learning curve. Heck, by the 2nd day of my training I honestly had enough confidence to start bidding and buying that day!

As if the auction training wasn’t enough, you pressed on to educate me regarding some of the other major points of becoming a dealer. You’re truly something that is rarely found in any industry….an expert with the “heart of a teacher!” Priceless experience. God Bless you brother.


“George, I have looked all over the place for books, videos and the like for anyone who in competition with you for the information you offer here. I find noboby that offers the unique package that you do. Barnes and Noble draw a complete blank and other websites usually are only offering a weak rendition of what you offer here. I will be placing an order here this next week. After reading your information more closely it actually answered my original questions I sent you via email. I look forward to doing business with you.”

Jeff R.

Member Review

What’s up George! Just wanted to give you my take on the “Two Days at the Auction”. Man it was great. Your knowledge and training was awesome. An auction is so fast paced, with so many people that you would be crazy to go there without this training. I was able to watch as you pointed out some of the mistake that untrained dealers were making. Those mistakes cost them big dollars. I was also able to see you locate a car of interest, go thru bidding process and win. That was so exciting. Your inspection process is very much needed by anyone who wants to buy and sell cars. After my intial training, I really enjoyed it as I inspected cars and you pointed out all of my mistakes. Your course is GREAT and it’s worth every penny.”

Thanks George,
Lance E.
New Orleans,La.

Member Review

Hey George,

I love these weekly tips, and I read every one of them.

You really do know exactly what you’re talking about.

You probably don’t remember me telling you, but I’ve made all of these mistakes that you talk about.

I remember thinking to myself, “Man, how come this isn’t working?” Now, I drive by Dealer lots, and think to myself “He’s not gonna make it. He’s doing it all wrong.

Last time I wrote you, my plan was to save $10,000 over the course of a year, and then start buying after studying (not just reading, but studying) your material in the interim. I was putting a $1,000 a month away, and after finding that out, I knew that I would have to curbstone to help me get there. I was going to get the Black Book, but nobody here uses that. 

I’m really just saying Thank You for the good work. I would have gotten here anyway it goes, but like you said in the Free Study Course “You can either take the 10 + years to learn this all yourself, or pay for the course.”

I must say it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

Thank You again, and keep the tips comin’. They’re good too.

Joshua Ashton

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