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A Dealer License is NOT Required To Start Flipping Cars.
So… Flip A Few Cars… Pocket The Profit… Then, Get Your License!







PRICE: $1200

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How To Be An Auto Broker

This training is basically a “Business in a Box”. As an auto broker, you buy cars for people. You are a professional car buyer. You will learn how to operate a successful auto broker business.

This manual walks you through step-by-step how to start, how to get clients, how to sell extended warranties, how to handle trade-ins, …

This is the NUMBER ONE Profit Model for 2020 and beyond.

Six Step Profit Process

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT Training at the Auto Dealer Academy. 

Find the Car.  Inspect The Car Like A Pro.  Determine Retail & Wholesale Value.  Negotiate the Deal & Buy It.  Recondition The Car To a Showroom Shine! Sell the Car.  Pocket The Profit.  Repeat!

Just for a second, let’s talk about the “Six Step Process”. This is the MOST valuable training you will ever get in the car business. It is the meat and potatoes of the car business. Completing this training (239 Page PDF Manual & 8 Videos) is like going to college and getting your Bachelors Degree in the car business (At a much cheaper price!). It’s the foundation before your more advanced studies… like “How To Be An Auto Broker”.

And.. the flat-out truth is.. you will NOT learn this stuff ON YOUR OWN. You just can’t. There are things you NEED to be SHOWN. POINTED OUT. MADE CLEAR.

Dealer License Manual

How to get your own dealer license… in your own state …  as little as $400 a month (I’ll show you)!

✅ Download: Dealer License PDF Manual (Tells You Everything)

✅  Video #1: The ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST Way To Get A License.

✅  Video #2: Should You Lease Someone Else’s License? 

✅  YOUR State Requirement & Forms. 

✅  I’ll Reveal You Do NOT Need A “Car Lot” To Get A License!

WARNING: Don’t get your dealer’s license without this manual!

This manual will provide valuable content, resources, lists, tips, ideas, and suggestions you will find very valuable in your journey to become a licensed motor vehicle dealer, wholesaler, or auto broker. 

Retail, Wholesale, Auction School Manuals

✅ Own a Small Car Lot (Learn about Inventory Mix, Rotation, …)

✅ Be a Used Car Wholesaler (Buy & Sell Cars Between Auctions and Dealers)

✅ Learn How Dealer Auctions Really Work (how to bid, how to work an auction, how to pay, …)

Buy Here Pay Here Manual

The downloadable PDF Buy Here Pay Here Manual will help you add “buy here pay here” to your profit model without screwing it up. This information-packed manual is 117 pages & the only one of its kind in the country.

The truth is…. no one wants to tell you how to do it. This manual WILL get you going down the right path! To boot, it’s only $247. Less than a NICE steak dinner with your wife and a few adult beverages.

One Hour of Phone Coaching

You are NOT doing this alone. I am here to help!

Finish the course.

Then, get your questions ready and schedule a call with me.

I am here to help!

✅ Plus…. LIFETIME SUPPORT (Priceless If You Ask Me!)
✅ Plus…. Lifetime Access & Updates
✅ DOWNLOAD: Auto Dealer Academy Course Syllabus

This is, hands-down, the MOST comprehensive auto dealer training course in the country. We have trained hundreds of dealers, wholesalers, and auto broker. This study course is know as the “Bible” To The Used Car Industry. 



 FIRSTLY, Can you HONEST-TO-GOODNESS afford the car business?  Seriously… do you have the money to invest in your education AND money to buy cars??? This is not a business for people with limited resources or thinking. “I don’t have money” is not an excuse. Personally, I recommend a MINIMUM of $10K ($20K is best) to get started. (This allows you to buy 2-3 cheap cars easily) Even if you have $100K+, I will still recommend you only use $20K of your money to get started. You make smarter decisions when you have a limited budget!
 You do NOT need ANY experience to get started. That is why you have me.
 You do NOT need to get a dealer license to get started – not at all. In fact, I recommend NOT getting your dealers license until you have flipped several cars…. this will PROVE to YOU whether or not you LOVE the business AND it will boost your confidence AND it will give you some seed money to invest into getting your dealers license. Make sense? 
 You get to download all the manuals and watch all the videos as many times as you like.
 You also can schedule Q&A calls with me to get your questions answered. You will NOT be alone. I am here to help – truly. 
 So.. how much is the training? More than you wish it was but less than you fear. Less than the profit on ONE car deal. A one time payment of $1200. That is it. Nothing else to purchase. Thats everything.

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