Major Update Video

Market Update
The Market Is Cooling.
Repo’s Are Up.
No Sale’s Are Up!
Prices Are About To Drop!
The car market rolls on. Haven’t done an update in last couple weeks. Traveled a bit then we have been passing along some sickness around here. But a lot of it is the same story as we have been talking about the last couple months.

We basically have 3 markets:
1. Pre Covid Market (Some of 2020, 2019 and before)
2. Covid 2021 (some of 2020) Market
3. Today’s Post Covid Market (2022 and after)

You also have 3 inventory levels:
1. Pre Covid inventory levels (higher than now)
2. Covid inventory levels (lower than now)
3. Post Covid inventory levels (right now. In between)

There is some exceptions but we are going on general market overall conditions.

Current market inventory and pricing is in between Pre-Covid and Covid.

Inventory is higher than it was last year (lowest levels in history)

Inventory is lower than it was Pre-Covid by quite a bit.

Market pricing has fallen off from Covid highs (Again historic levels).

But still above Pre-Covid numbers

Basically a slow move back to what I think will be the “New normal”. I dont think the old market ever returns but also dont’ think Covid market was sustainable so we will eventually land in between at new normal.

Seems like we are starting to see normal seasonal cycles. I’m expecting about what we have now for next couple weeks then we will probably see boost first of the year per the norms. Traditionally retail buying in Q4 is a good move I could see that being the case this year.

A few other notes:

– Demand and sales both new and used have been really steady all year, no signs of slacking off. Still lots of pent up demand from lost sales in COVID

– Nice margins on used wholesale vs retail for first time in a while so good time to take advantage of that

– Wholesale inventory still off pre Covid levels. Lease returns gonna be way off for a while. Repos still off.

– New car inventory still spotty, some stuff around but some stuff hard to find. In general more loaded stuff harder to find. Devil in the details on that stuff for sure.

Still gonna take a couple years to sort all this out probably. Good rule in current markets is one that has always served me well in retail and wholesale. Always be buying and always be selling and your always averaging yourself out and staying on the market. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Keep em moving and you will do well in this market.

“To the men in the arena who are stepping up, daring to be who God created them to be.”

Welcome Message
How Much Money Do I Need To Start?
How to Get a Dealers License. How to become an auto broker.
How to Get a Dealers License. How to become an auto broker.
Which Cars To Flip?
George Dean
South of Texas Motor Speedway
Thursday, 8:37 a.m.

“Howdy, my name is George Dean and I am glad to meet you.

Just so you know what you are getting into…

The great American car business is alive and well. You don’t need a fancy degree nor years of training. I created Auto Deler Academy for YOU – the entrepreneur who wants to create the own path. I am here to help!

Since I began helping people get into the car business the past three decades, I have received hundreds of emails and phone calls from people telling me how my training has helped them create a brand-new career, afforded them the ability to finally invest for their retirement, saved their health (and, sometimes, literally saved their lives), kept their marriages intact (money tends to do that)… and… in various other ways… improved their lives immensely. 

I am passing along these battle-proven strategies & techniques because I am at a stage of my life in which I want to help others be successful rather than be more successful myself. Because these principles have helped me and others so much, I want to share them with you.

How to Get a Dealers License

If you are ready to ‘do this’, let’s do it. No more talking. No more dreaming. It is your turn. Now is your time. I am here to help guide you with the specific, targeted, precise, and detailed training you deserve.

So, maybe, just maybe, it will do the same for you as it has others. I am cheering for you! I want you to be a success.”

To Your Success!
George Dean

Listen To The Auction

Detailing Lesson:
Foggy. Dirty. Hazardous Headlight.

Foggy. Dirty. Hazardous headlight.

Clean it!

It is easy…

  1. Start with 400 grit wet/dry sand paper. Use a water hose to keep it wet. “Wet Sand” the area. The lens will become milky as you scrub it.
  2. Then wet sand with 600 or 800 wet/dry grit sand paper. Keep the lens wet.
  3. Then 1500… and higher if you wish. Keep the lens wet.
  4. Then, I used several Adams Polishes products. Severe Swirl and Haze Remover with buffer. Then the rest as pictured above.
  5. Took 20 minutes or so. Added value to the car instantly!
How to Get a Dealers License. How to become an auto broker.
Become A Dealer, Wholesaler, or Auto Broker


“Now, I feel like I have my PhD in auto buying, thanks to George. The course itself is worth its weight in gold, but the auction experience in Dallas is unbelievable!

George is totally focused on you and won’t let you not learn how to spot all the signs of frame damage, water intrusion and re-painted cars. He’s right by your side until you get it, get it right and get it good.

I’ve paid a lot of money over the years for alleged “experts” and have been disappointed. George is the real deal.

He tells and teaches you EVERYTHING. What he knows is yours. There’s no ego that gets in the way of his mentorship. Also, the inspection video showing how to inspect a used car is worth the price of the course alone. If I didn’t learn or get anything else I would have been happy just having that videos. It will end up saving me, family and friends thousands of dollars over the years because we’ll be able to spot damage and avoid those cars.

If you’re serious about buying and selling cars there is no better teacher than George.

Bette BonFleur - Orlando FL

I bought your course way back in 2008/2009 I believe !!

It was absolutely great ? and way it was laid out I enjoyed it very much – actually gave me a good foundation to start in cars – I did some local retail too but ended up focusing on wholesale and export mostly –I made good money in cars.

It gave me the opportunity to go live overseas with my parents and family for 5 years (after 13 years) – instead of being a corporate slave in the IT industry- I was able to buy rental properties in Dubai and London with the money I made from cars thanks to you, which I still hold.

THANKS TO YOU !!! ? ? ?

I am back in the US now and I am setting up a used car dealership/ mechanic shop/collision shop under one roof.

Zack Umer

George, I wanted to write and let you know that study course was completely worth every penny and more…much more. I must admit, I had my doubts about spending the money and time for the auction training and questioned whether it would be worth it.

Well….thank God I went through with it. The training, coaching and personal attention you provided during these 2 days has easily given me a 2 to 3 year jump on the industry learning curve. Heck, by the 2nd day of my training I honestly had enough confidence to start bidding and buying that day!

As if the auction training wasn’t enough, you pressed on to educate me regarding some of the other major points of becoming a dealer.

You’re truly something that is rarely found in any industry….an expert with the “heart of a teacher!” Priceless experience.

God Bless you brother. J.Shelton”

Jeremy Shelton

“Hi George, Thank you for the excellent quality information I received within your manuals. Certainly, the information shared went to the very heart of the matter in helping people get a grip on the used car business.

I studied, highlighted, outlined, and reviewed all the information you shared in order to take to heart and soul the depth of value written.

Warmest regards,

Ed Ross - FL

“Hello George…I have only had your study materials for less than 2 weeks and wanted to say “thank you!” What an eye-opener. I have been buying cars for 30 years for myself and only wish I knew about you years ago. My first purchase was a Volvo S60. Owned it for only 9 days and netted $2200.00 thanks to following your lead in how to write the ad. I made my second purchase yesterday and again using what I have learned so far from your materials, bought a really nice Jetta for $2,000- $3, 000 below wholesale. I think this one was a steal!

My long term plan is to make this a full-time career. I have been a “car guy” since before I was old enough to drive. This business is a lot of fun and of course profitable. Your guides have explained all the different facets of the business, from brokering to EBAY to wholesaling and everything in between.

Some people may think the cost of your course is expensive. What those people may be overlooking is that this is without a doubt the cheapest investment anyone could be making. I am proof as I have already at least doubled my investment in just over 1 week!!

I sincerely thank you not only for the course materials but also how you make yourself available for consultation.

Best regards,

Mark Schwartz - TN

I just want to drop you a line and let you know how beneficial your course has been. I have been attending auctions for about 8 weeks now, and the techniques on your video and subsequent trainings are 100% accurate.

I have watched other dealers and wholesalers preview cars and some of them are using the same techniques. I have gotten to know several dealers and wholesalers, and you are exactly right, these new acquaintances are very helpful in sharing their knowledge of the industry.

Some of these folks have actually given me their business card and asked me to give them a call if I had any questions or needed help with a particular issue.

Keep up the good work George!”

Rusty Smith - Dallas TX

“Hey George, I would highly recommend your training program for anyone planning to go into this business. Even if you have been in it for a while, it is well worthwhile because you will look with ‘fresh eyes’ and see some things you might have missed otherwise. He will answer all the questions that you have and will bring up things you didn’t think of.

Unless you have been buying and selling vehicles for a living and using auctions to do so.

George’s training WILL save you time and money. The cost of the training is easily recovered by the savings in two or three deals, and his organized and focused methods of appraising and evaluating vehicles are consistently revealing.

Above all, George makes it fun and fast-moving. He has not stopped enjoying it and he will get you excited about your new enterprise!

Good Luck! ”

Peter Robinson