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From the Desk of George Dean (Lead Trainer at the Auto Dealer Academy)

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Folks, without knowing the wholesale value of a car, you simply should NOT buy it. Period – End of story! Just walk away! Walking away is ALWAYS your ultimate power. (Even when you get your dealers license, do NOT pretend you know the value just because you are now a dealer!)

You need the confidence to pull the trigger & buy it! What will give you that confidence? Knowledge! The smartest guy wins. Don’t be on the losing end of a bad deal! You need to know you nearly stole the car – virtually guaranteeing your profit.

Key Point:You lock in your profit when ‘buy the car right’, you simply collect the profit when you sell it!

Don’t let this step scare or intimidate you. I’ll show you how simple it is. Heck, you don’t even need a dealers license to learn this.

Training Two Guys Who Just Got Their Dealers License!

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