Training Programs

Four Training Options:

Dealer License Manual

How to Get a Car Dealer License

Buy Here Pay Here Manual

Operate a Buy Here Pay Here Car lot
  • Introduction
  • Ten commandments to note lot success
  • The basics of a note lot
  • How much profit can a BHPH make?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Financial management
  • RFC’s in more depth
  • Increased profits through note creation
  • Where can you sell your notes?
  • Learn more…

Master Course

Learn it All.. All For Less Than The Profit of ONE Deal!!! Just $795!
  • Payment Plan Available
  • The price of this training is HALF the profit of ONE good car deal!
  • 90 Day Month Back Guarantee
  • How to Buy & Sell From Home
  • How to Find Cars
  • How to Inspect Cars
  • 45 Minute Car Inspection Video
  • How to Appraise Cars
  • How to Recondition Cars
  • How to Sell Your Cars Profitably
  • Training Binder Mailed USPS Priority Mail
  • Online Membership: Audios/Video/Downloads
  • How to Get Your Dealers License
  • How to Be an Auto Broker
  • How to Be a Used Car Wholesaler
  • How to Buy & Sell Off Ebay
  • How to Operate a Small Car Lot
  • INCLUDES Buy Here Pay Here Manual

2 Day Auction Training

Master Course + 2 Day One-on-One Training
  • Master Course
  • 2 Days Hands On Training in Dallas, TX
  • The ONLY Training of it’s Kind in the County!

    At the auction with two dealers from Houston, TX

  • Training Another Dealer At The Auction

Before you order:

1. This business is not a “sit on the couch & eat potato chips, do nothing, invest nothing” business. Profit comes to those who deserve it, to those who invest in themselves, to those entrepreneurs who took a chance on themselves, and those who work for it.

2. Please do not spend your “lunch money” on this training. The cost of this training is SMALL compared to the cost of buying & selling cars. If you don’t have the money for the training, you don’t have enough money to do this business (flat out truth there). PLEASE don’t buy the training YET. Save up you pennies til you can EASILY pay for the training.

3. I am here to help you. If you have a legitimate question, I will be on YOUR team when you join the Auto Dealer Academy. Don’t be shy to pick up the phone and call.

Auto Dealer Academy offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

You see, I am have been training guys since 1997. The TRAINING works BUT this business is not for everyone. If you decide this business is NOT for you, please return the course for a courteous refund. I am not in the business of “taking your money”, I am in the business of “TRAINING you” to be successful.

I can NOT guarantee your success. I don’t even know you. Your success is determined but YOUR tenacity, YOUR willingness to learn and execute this proven strategy. Don’t be shy to pick up the phone and call me if you have questions (after you read the course please).

George @ 940-600-4044

The “Basic”, “Wholesale/Retail”, “Auto Broker”, and “Master” Study Courses are mailed USPS Priority Mail. You should get your course within 3 business days and INSTANT access to the membership area. There is a lot of great training resources inside the membership area!

The Buy Here Pay Here Manual is a PDF download. NOTHING will be MAILED to you. You will get the PDF download as an instant download. If you have an issue, let me know and I will email it to you myself!

Two Days at the Auction… after you have read the course and are ready for your hands on training. Let me know and my auction training will contact you to arrange your training days!

Upon joining, you will become part of elite group in the auto industry getting the training that experienced dealers and brokers WISH you weren’t getting! (In fact, a couple dealers offered me an INSANE amount of money to buy the copyright to my materials coupled with an anti-compete clause! I told ’em to take a hike. I don’t need their money and won’t be pushed around.)

You ARE in the right place at the right time. There is no better time to be an Auto Broker. PLUS, I WANT you to be successful and I will personally do near anything to make sure YOUR SUCCESS becomes a reality. Since 1997, I have been the go-to guy teaching this stuff. People enjoy my coaching because I am brutally honest, motivating, and can break the “complex” down to simple easy-to-understand principles.

This training will SHORTCUT your learning curve tremendously! If you are committed to learning this business, you will LOVE your time at the Auto Dealer Academy. No question about it. You will nearly feel intoxicated from the adrenaline rush. If you love that, just wait til you get to the auction!
If you need extra attention and training, you will get it. In most cases, you are starting from ground zero, knowing NOTHING, just like I did. You do NOT need to be a mechanic either. Heck, I’m a regular ole guy who can’t change his own oil BUT I know how to build a profitable auto broker business who CAN teach you too! If you are brand new, “No worries mate”. I can help the rank amateur learn this business. It’s NOT brain surgery BUT you DO need a mentor. Someone to guide you. Someone to help you avoid stupid costly mistakes you WOULD make if you tried to “learn it on your own”. I am here to help.

If you are SOME experience, you should instantly recognize what tremendous opportunity this is! Getting this training will give you a godzilla advantage over “learning on your own!”. That should be blazingly obvious.

Since you made it this far…. I am pretty darn sure you truly understand the profit potential of this business. If so, joining the Auto Dealer Academy should be a no-brainer (especially since I am only charging you the price I charge my auto broker clients to buy them ONE car!). You will get the detailed training you are seeking PLUS you get ME serving as your mentor.

FIRST, cross your heart and DECLARE to me… “I have the heart of a true car guy beating in my chest! Its in my blood. I can’t escape it. Its who I am and what I want to be. I promise to be ethical in my car dealings. Treating people as I want to be treated. I promise to be upfront and transparent in my dealings. I will always putting my relationship with the client IN FRONT of the transaction.”
Don’t miss the Sunday deadline. If you do, there is a $100 application fee to resubmit your application. NO exceptions. NO crybabies. Like I teach at the dealer auction, “You can’t steal in slow motion! Get up there and buy the damn thing.”