Positest DFT Combo Paint Meter

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PosiTest is a hand-held paint meter that is ideal for measuring the thickness of automotive paint on aluminum or steel automotive panels. And, it’s American made – Go USA!

See my video review!

After field testing four different paint meters at live dealer auctions, I can say with certainty, the PosiTest is the paint thickness gauge I recommend.

One thing I love is the large screen. The screen is protected by a thick molded plastic. Some folks might think a large display means it might break easily – NOT so. This is a tough meter.

PosiTest DFT Combo

New Features: Flip Display & Wrist Strap

This meter also measures in microns, in addition to mils. Microns is very important to auto detailers and painters.

Also, the large display is easy to read. I see many guys at the auction who take their glasses out to read their Elcometer! If eyesight might be an issue, this meter is a “no brainer”.

The probe used on this meter is the same probe used in meters used by ocean divers. The probe is hermetically sealed – totally sealed. No water, no sand, & no debris will get into the probe. Also, the probe is a ruby rounded, smooth glass. It will last forever! (No, the glass does not scratch the paint – that was my first concern upon first using it but after field testing it – no problem!) Defelsko spared no expense on the probe. The probe is where some manufacturers will cut corners to save money so they can sell a cheaper meter, like on the Quanix Handy.

One more critical difference. You can even see this in the video. I should have pointed it out. The PosiTest will read paint at the exact TENTH of thickness. The Elcometer rounds up to or down to the nearest .5. For example: If the thickness is 6.7, the PosiTest will read 6.7 and the Elcometer will read 6.5! If it’s 6.8, the PosiTest will read 6.8, and the Elcometer will read 7.0. Think about that. Accuracy is important!

One negative: The warranty could be longer. It’s 2 years.

Defelsko repairs all warranty work in 24 hours and pays return shipping.

Over all, this paint thickness meter is a winner! You will not be disappointed.

Its important to me, that I recommend a high quality meter that measures accurately and will withstand the rigors of auctions, day after day, month after month, year after year.


Brand New Positest DFT COMBO

Why the PosiTest DFT Combo?

  1. The overall size is great.
  2. The screen is the biggest available.
  3. Approved by all major dealer equipment programs.
  4. Measures over steel and aluminum –
  5. This is a MUST on paint meters.
  6. Comes with hard shell carry case.
  7. Comes with a portable clip for your belt. – FREE
  8. No calibration required – it just works.
  9. Measures in Mils and Microns!
  10. Measures up to 40 mils (a mil is 1/1000th of an inch).
  11. Can be used in rain & snow.
  12. It’s a 3% meter! Highly accurate.
  13. American Made!
  14. This is the NEW FLIP DISPLAY MODEL!
  15. This is the NEW WRIST STRAP MODEL!

I am an authorized reseller for the Defelsko PosiTest DFT Combo Paint Meter.

Your meter will be brand new in the box with the full 2 year warranty!

NEW Positest DFT Combo Paint Meter
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+ FREE Belt Clip!

postitest dft combo