Module One

Module One


Welcome [i4w_user_first_name] to the Auto Dealer Academy!

Congrats on making an investment into your training. This is not something to be taken lightly. I congratulate and applaud you. Most people are “too smart” to get training and then they call me begging to help them out of the situation. Thanks for letting me help you!

1. Industry Overview

2. Find the Car:

  • There are MANY MANY ways to find cars. Use them all and you will surely have all the cars you ever want and need. I don’t ever want you to rely on ONE place to buy all your cars. I want you to have multiple places to source your cars. We will go over all my favorite places. FYI, MOST profitable deals NEVER came from the auction.

3. Inspect the Car:

  • This is the most time consuming section to learn. Only by inspecting tons of cars will you become more proficient. Practice, Practice, Practice. Proper inspection will help ensure you are buying quality, mechanically sound vehicles. Use my video to help teach you.

NOTE: This video is a 30 minute video, therefore the file is HUGE. It MIGHT take some time to load unless you have a super fast internet connection. I pay for the fastest digital delivery service there is SO hopefully, it loads fast for you. The inspection video can NOT be downloaded. It can only be viewed while you are a member of the Auto Dealer Academy.

To get you started quickly, you can download Module One!

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TIP:: I recommend printing it out, sitting down with a highlighter, and get reading!

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