Auto Dealer & Broker Training Video
By: George – Lead Trainer


:44 Wholesaling, Retailing, Auto Brokering Explained
5:55 Auto Brokering Explained in Detail
10:14 Building Referrals for Auto Broker (or dealers)
13:15 Taking Profitable Orders in Your Auto Broker Business
21:53 Let’s Talk About Auctions Now
32:55 Learn About One of My Mistakes!
34:35 Some Lanes Bring More Money Than Other Lanes
38:56 More Insights Into Auctions
48:00 Two Days At the Auction Training
50:45 Home Study Course Explained Link to Study Courses
57:30 Listen to the Auction


“Let’s start off your auto dealer training with this 58 minutes recorded training video. This video will give you a GREAT overview of the car business PLUS it gives you a chance to learn about me – the guy who wrote the study course on the used car business, often referred to as the “Bible of the Used Car Industry”. I have been training new dealers, wholesalers, and auto brokers since 1997. Let me train you too. I will set you on the right path from the very start. Watch the video training & then scroll down this page to discover more OR Join Today.”


Podcast 005: “The Car Inspection Process Explained in More Detail”

Question: George, tell me more about the inspection process?
Important Note: The inspection process is a large chunk of training here at the Auto Dealer Academy. It is critical to your success in the car business. I know that IF I can teach you to buy quality cars at TRUE wholesale prices, your success of practically guaranteed. That is why I devote so much time to the INSPECTION and VALUATION process in the training.
My advice: Establish a system, a routine, of inspecting a car. Use the one I teach in the Master Course OR develop your own. Just make sure your “inspection path” inspects everything….. the same way every time! This way, you don’t miss something and pay a “stupid tax” because of a careless inspection process. I love LOW RISK profits SO I use the inspection tools and process to my benefit!

Podcast 004: “Inspection Tool Recommendations”

Question: George, what are the car inspection tools you recommend?
Quick Answer: A trusty mechanic – preferably the manufacturers dealership. A clean Carfax. Take a flashlight, responsive fingers for feeling for paintwork and possibly a Positest DFT Combo paint thickness gauge when you go look at the car. TIP: BEFORE you go look at a car for sale, ASK the seller will he allow you to take the car to a mechanic for a full inspection. If he/she says “no”, move on to the next deal.

Podcast 003: “How Detailed is the Auto Broker Section?”

Question: George, how detailed is the auto broker section?

Podcast 002: “One Cheap Way to Get a Car Dealers License” (Two Examples)

Question: George, I want to own a car lot, where do I start?
Obvious Answer: Get educated so you don’t make expensive mistakes you could have avoided! That is what this site is all about! Find a mentor in your community (VERY hard to find) or join the Auto Dealer Academy so I can help.
Next Answer: Start Smart. Start Small. Start LOW Risk. Listen to the podcast for a cheap way to get your dealers license.

Podcast 001: “Should I Lease Another Dealer’s Car Dealers License?”

Question: George, I should I lease another dealer’s dealers license??
Quick Answer: It CAN be a great place to START. Eventually/Quickly, you will want to get your OWN license in your OWN state! Trust me on this one. In the Master Course, I ALWAYS recommend getting your OWN license in your OWN state. I like to control my future!