Dealer License Requirements


Dealers must obtain a Regulatory Permit from the Sales, Use & Business Tax Division. The permit must be presented to the county license issuing official for issuance of a Privilege License, and the Taxpayer Service Center for tag issuance.

Categories of Regulatory Licenses: New Car Dealer, Used Car Dealer, Dismantler, Wholesaler, Rebuilder, Reconditioner.

Dealers must fulfill the following requirements:
a. provide evidence that motor vehicle held for resale are covered by a blanket liability insurance policy

b. display a sign designating the place of business

c. describe and insure permanency of the place of business

d. provide display area for one or more vehicles and a place for maintaining books and records.

Motorcycle and trailer dealers are exempt from regulatory permit. Licenses are renewed annually in person or by mail.

Dealer License Fees:

$10.00 per category, plus $45.00

or up to $210.00 for the Privilege License depending upon the city or county of dealership

$225.00 for automotive dismantlers.

Alabama Dealer License Requirements

Anyone in the business of buying and selling vehicles (acting as a dealer) must be licensed. License must be renewed every two years. Application and proof of bonding required.

Dealer License Fee: $50.00 for original application/renewal

Alaska Dealer License

The state assigns a permanent four-digit code for new and used vehicle dealers. Renewal is annual.

Dealer License Fees:

Original license and annual fee – $100.00

Branch license – $50.00 per location within county

Filing fee per application – $15.00

Provisional license – $10.00

Background investigation (per individual) – $24.00
Purchasing from an unlicensed dealer

Dealer License Information

License issued by the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission is required for franchised motor vehicle dealers (buying/selling three or more vehicles in a year).

Dealer License Fee:

$100.00 per year for each dealership

$10.00 per year for each salesperson

Used car dealers must be certified by State Police, display proof of liability insurance, and file a $25,000 surety bond with the State Police. Boat dealers have no license requirements; however, trailer dealers must be certified by local law enforcement officers. If a trailer dealer accepts a motor vehicle as a trade-in, the vehicle must be licensed and titled in the name of the dealership. Trailer dealers are not granted reassignment privileges for motorized vehicles.

Arkansas Dealer License

Start here: The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario

Canadian Certification Program

Ontario’s Motor Vehicle Dealers Act
There are many canadian links for you to explore.
All dealers must be licensed with the State. A dealer number and corresponding dealer plates are issued.

Dealer License Fee:
$150.00 application

$100.00 renewal
New auto, commercial and motorcycle dealers must also pay the New Motor Vehicle Board a $100.00 fee.

More Information

Dealer License Forms for CA

All car, truck, motorcycle and trailer dealers must be licensed to conduct business in the State. A license is not required for boat, special mobile equipment and off-road vehicle dealers. Applications must complete an application, submit a financial statement, post bond, pass a written exam, have an approved business location and submit to criminal background investigation. Licenses must be renewed annually; fees are adjusted annually.

PDF File – CO Requirements

Dealer License Information

New and used vehicle dealers, manufacturers, repairers, wrecker services and junkyards must be licensed. New vehicle dealers must be franchised by a licensed manufacturer. License issuance is subject to initial approval of local authorities. Upon approval, an application is submitted to the Dealers and Repairers Division of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Applications must be renewed biennially.

Connecticut Requirements”

Private individual may sell four vehicles per year before being required to become a licensed dealer. All dealers must be licensed by the state by Division of Revenue through the Division of Motor Vehicles. Application must include the franchise agreement. Prior to the issuance of a license all dealer facilities must be inspected by a division representative (no inspection fee).
Dealer License Fee:

$100.00 upon application and renewal. Must be paid to the State Division of Revenue.

Delaware Dealer Licence

Dealers must be licensed to sell vehicles in the District. License is required for new and used vehicle dealers, and a license is required for salesmen. Licenses are issued by the Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs. An investigation is performed prior to the issuance of dealer and salesmen licenses.

Contact: (202) 442-4400

Motor vehicle dealers must be licensed. Individual or business selling 3 or more vehicles in one year must have a dealer’s license. Licenses are renewed annually.

Dealer types: Franchise, Independent (Used), Wholesale, Auction, Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicles.

Applicants for a Franchised Dealer License must present a sales/service agreement and appointment letter or letters of intent from the manufacturer or distributor. All dealers must submit fingerprint cards upon initial application for a dealer’s license.

Dealer License Fees:
$300.00 application fee for all dealers

$39.00 for each fingerprint card

$40.00 for each mobile home or recreational vehicle dealer license application

$75.00 renewal fee for Franchise, Wholesale, Independent and Auction Dealers

$140.00 renewal fee for all MH/RV dealers
Florida Dealer Requirements
A Dealer License may be required for new vehicle dealers. Issuance is handled by each municipality. Leasing Companies and Independent Dealers who deal in used vehicles must be registered with the Used Car Dealers and Sales Tax Division. Mobile Home Dealers must be registered with the Fire Marshal’s Office. Mo­torcycle Dealers and Trailer Dealers are not required to be registered.

Used Car Dealer Requirements

New and used vehicle dealers must be registered. Registrations are issued by the State of Hawaii, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, and the Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board. Dealers must be franchised to sell new vehicles.

Hawaii Dealer Law

New dealers must submit an application and present the contract from the manufac­turer. (See Dealer/Salesman’s license, Exhibit “D”). New Dealer Code ‑ permanent three-digit number. Dealer plates and numbers are transferred upon sale of the dealership. Used Dealer Code ‑ permanent four digit number issued. Motorcy­cle, ATV, and snowmobile dealer requirements (new and used) are the same as for other dealers. Dealer’s license must be displayed. All applications are investigated.

Dealer License Fees:
$115.00 and $10.00 paid with picture I.D

$100.00 renewal fee
Idado Requirements
All dealers must be licensed. Dealer establishment must be inspected prior to licens­ing. New dealers must present a franchise letter and all dealers must obtain a tax number issued by the Department of Revenue.

Used Vehicle Dealer License Fees:
$100.00 for Certificate of Authority

$25.00 for each additional establishment
Annual renewal.

Illinois Requirments

Vehicle Dealer: Must be licensed. Dealer must have a lot, a building not attached to or part of a residence, a display area for at least ten vehicles, a permanent sign with name and hours displayed, garage lia­bility insurance in prescribed limits, and retail merchant certificate number. All classifications of dealers, except whole­salers, must sell at least twelve vehicles per year. Upon application the dealer must present proof of insurance, a photograph of the place of business, and the franchise agreement (required only for new vehicle dealers upon initial ap­plication).

Salvage License: Issued for recyclers, crushers, rebuilders and used parts dealers. Dealer must have three or more inoperable vehicles on the lot. A Salvage License does not grant reassignment privileges. Salvage operators cannot be issued dealer plates unless they meet the required dealer qualifications.

Fee: $ 10.00 annually

Transfer Dealer: Sale of vehicles is incidental to the business. Transfer dealers have restricted dealer plate use.

Fee: $20.00 annually

Whole­saler: Issued for a dealer that sells at least 120 wholesale vehicles per year with no retail sales.

Indiana Requirements

Distributors, manufacturers, motor vehicle dealers, mobile home dealers, and travel trailer dealers must obtain a dealer license to conduct business. Licenses are issued by the Office of Vehicle Services, Customer Services Section, on a staggered system; issued for 2, 4 or 6 year periods. All applicants for a dealer license must have a place of business with a telephone installed and listed in the dealer’s name, repair and display facilities and an on& ite inspection.

Dealer License Fees: Dealers, manufacturers, distributors of travel trailers and mobile homes

$70.00 for 2 years

$140.00 for 4 years

$210.00 for 6 years

Phone: 515-237-3110,515-273-3219

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New and used vehicle dealers must be licensed and issued a dealer number. (Individ­uals or businesses selling over 5 vehicles in one calendar year must be licensed as a dealer). Manufacturers of vehicles must also be licensed.

Dealer License fees:
$200.00 for manufacturers

$50.00 for dealers
License expires annually on December 31.

New vehicle dealers require franchise agreement and an inspection of location (s), which must be zoned commercial, be­fore license is issued.

Inspection Fee:

None for the primary location

$ 10.00 per secondary location(s)

Application must be made in person.

Dealers and salespersons are also investigated prior to license issue. Salespersons, distributors and factory representatives must fulfill state examination requirements.

Exam Fee:

$15.00 for salespersons

$25.00 for distribu­tors and factory representatives

Report of monthly sales activity must be filed.

PDF Kansas Requirements

Automobile, truck and motorcycle dealers must be licensed with the state. Trail dealers are not licensed. Dealer must have an established place of business and a business name which identifies them as a motor vehicle dealer.

Annual fee: $100.00

All dealers must have at least one licensed salesperson for each location for which a license was issued. Use tax must be paid for all new vehicles sold.

PDF file for Kentucky

Dealers must be licensed by the State. Upon application, new vehicle dealers must submit the franchise agreement. Used vehicle dealers cannot sell new vehicles. Any person who sells five or more used vehicles in any twelve-month period must be licensed as a used motor vehicle dealer.

Dealer License Fee:

$10.00 for new vehicle deal­ers

$200.00 for used vehicle dealers

$100.00 for each additional place of business (new and used)

A license is required for new and used vehicle dealers. An individual or business sell­ing more than 5 vehicles in a 12-month period, displaying 3 or more vehicles within a 30 day period or buying vehicles for purpose of resale, qualifies as a dealer in Maine. Application is submitted to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The applica­tion must provide the following information: size and location of the lot; the size of the building, display, office and re­pair area. Applications must be signed by all parties and witnessed. The building lease must be valid for at least one year.

Dealer License Fees:

$150.00 filing fee and $150.00 licensing fee (both fees required upon application and renewal)

$150.00 annual renewal

Dealer License for Maine

Motor vehicle dealers must be licensed if he has sold more than 5 vehicles during a year. Dealer must have a location approved by an authorized representative of the MVA and must complete an applica­tion to be approved by the Business License & Consumer Services Division of the MVA, and must submit a bond in the name of the dealership. Laminated dealer photo license issued; annual renewal by mail is required.

Dealer Li­cense Fees:

$500.00 New and Used Dealer

$300.00 for boat trailer dealers and trailers 15 feet or less

30 day apporval time

Dealer License Research

Required for persons principally engaged as dealers (see class listing for specific re­quirements). Dealers must have a separate business office on the premises, maintain a Used Car Record Book approved by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and post a sign displaying the type of business. Watercraft dealers must have a fran­chise letter from the manufacturer, a sign indicating the type of business and a separate place of business. Dealer Li­censes are issued from the local City Hall; the Boston Police Department issues licenses for dealers based in the city of Boston.

Licenses are issued for the following dealer classes:
Class I – New and/or used vehicle dealer (business license required).

Class 11 – Used vehicle dealer (business license required).

Class III – Salvage parts/Junk (business license required).

Owner/Contractor – Must have ten vehicles (one of which is special mobile equipment &; SME), and garage to work in (business license required). Owner/contractor plates may be issued to: government agencies for public safety uses; persons engaged in leasing storage or mobile office trailers; persons engaged renting or leasing vehicles or trailers to the public (fleets of 20 or more)
Dealer License for Massachusetts
An individual acquiring one or more vehicles with the intent of resale is considered a dealer and must be licensed. All dealers must include classification(s) on the application for annual license.

Dealer Classifications:
Class A – New Vehicle Dealer

Class B – Used Vehicle Dealer

Class C – Used Vehicle Parts Dealer

Class W – Broker

Class E – Distressed Vehicle Transporter

Class F – Vehicle Scrap Metal Processor

Class G – Vehicle Salvage Pool Operator

Class H – Foreign Vehicle Salvage Dealer

Class R – Automotive Recycler

Michigan Dealer License

All dealers must be licensed. New and used vehicle dealer licenses must have a per­manently enclosed commercial building on a permanent foundation, office space for records. Personal franchise agree­ment and means for repairing vehicles required for new dealers only. Used vehicle dealers must have a person to answer the telephone or an answering machine. Lessors and wholesale dealers must have an office, records and a person to an­swer the telephone or an answering service. Auctioneer requirements are the same as for new or used dealers, but may be based outside the state. A site inspection is required for all dealers prior to the approval of a dealer license. Dealer classes include new, used and broker, lessor, parts, scrap metal, wholesale, leasing, and auctioning. Boat, snowmobile and motorized bicycle dealers are required to be licensed.

Dealer License Fees:
$153.50 application and annual renewal fee

$103.50 if application is made after July 1

$13.50 for boat, snowmobile, and motorized bicycle dealers

MN Requirements


Applicants must have a place of business, an office, and must display a sign, and must file a bond with the application. An eleven digit designated agent number is assigned to each dealer. The number is carried on any issued title and in the dealer record.

Dealer License Fees: (initial and renewal)
$100.00 new and used vehicle deal­ers

$75.00 trailer dealers

$50.00 motorcycle dealers
Mississippi Dealer License
New, used, boat, wholesale, manufacturers, motorcycle and trailer dealers are required to be licensed if they sell six or more vehicles/boats per year. Application, a place of business, criminal record check and registration fee must be submitted. Statement of insurance certification required. License expires December 31 annually.

Dealer License Fees:

$150.00 motor vehicle dealers

$80.00 marine dealers

Fees are prorated on date of application.

Body shop/rebuilder, used parts dealer, salvage/dismantler or mobile scrap processor must register and have a bonafide place of business. Only salvage dealers and dismantlers can purchase vehicles from a salvage pool.

Fee: $65.00 per designation

Expiration is June 30 annually.

Out of state salvage dealers must register with the State.

Fee: $25.00

Get a Dealer Packet

To apply for dealer license, franchised dealers must submit a copy of the franchise agreement from the manufacturer. All other dealers must submit only license application. Applications are investigated prior to license issuance.

Dealer License Fees: New or used vehicle dealer

$30.00 with $30.00 annual renewal.

For applications after July 1, fees are reduced by half.

Call Motor Vehicles Division: (406) 444-4536

All dealer branches, dealers and salespersons must be licensed. If an owner sells more than eight registered vehicles, motorcycles or trailers within one twelve month period, license is re­quired. New car dealers must be franchised. Place of business, repair facility, 10 car parking lot, and a surety bond are re­quired for application. An inspection is made to verify fulfillment of requirements.

Dealer License Fee: $160.00 annually

Dealer Licence for Nebraska

Dealers must be licensed with the state. Prior to license issuance, applicants are investigated by an agency Inspector, and must also be approved by local authorities. License renewal is March 31, annu­ally.

Dealer License Fee: $125.00

Dealer classifications include New, Used, Junk, Repair, Transporter, Utility, Motorcycle and Wholesaler.

Dealer License for New Hampshie

All new and used car dealers, leasing companies and Auto Body Repair facilities must be licensed. Applications for license are submitted to the Dealer’s Unit, Business License Compliance Bureau. Dealer plates and registrations are available only from Trenton. New car dealers must be franchised to sell new cars. A special license is required for used car dealers. Application packages include the application form, affidavit, signature card, security check authorization waiver form, and supplemental application form.

New Jersey Dealer License Information

Dealer License Fees:

$100.00 for automobile deal­ers

$350.00 for two&;year Auto Body Repair license fee

CALL: 609-292-4517

Used Car Lemon Law

Guide to Auto Leasing

A dealer license is required for wholesalers, manufacturers, wreckers, distributors, new vehicle dealers, used vehicle dealers, house trailer and motorcycle dealers. An established place of business must be maintained and zoning and fencing requirements must be met. All dealers must have a display area except wholesaler. On site inspection is conducted prior to license issuance.

Dealer License Fee: $50.00 upon application and renewal

Dealer licenses are renewed December 31 each year.

Call: MOtor Vehicle Division 1-888-683-4636

Dealers must be registered to do business in the State. Application and fees are submitted to Vehicle Safety Services Division in Central Office of DMV. Facility inspections are conducted prior to registration issuance.

Dealer License Fees: original registration

$325.00 for two years (includes $25.00 application fee)

$300.00 for renewal

A Dealer Bond is required.

Registrations are for a two-year period only.

Dealers purchase MV-50 Certificates of Sale from the Department.

More dealer license PDF

Dealer License for New York

Nevada Licensing Requirements

New dealers must be licensed. Application requires inspection approving established place of business.

Dealer License Fees:

Dealer Certificate $50.00

Salesman License $10.00

Dealers selling trailers or semi-trailers less than 700 lbs. and not carrying more than 1500 lbs. are exempt from dealer requirements.

Dealer License for North Carolina

All dealers of new and used cars, mobile homes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trailers ­and all‑terrain vehicles must maintain a dealer license. Dealer licenses expire on December 31 each year. Renewal notices are sent to licensed dealers each October. Dealers are required to have an office and repair facilities. Watercraft trailer dealers are not licensed.

Dealer License Fees:
$50.00 for new and used car dealers

$35.00 for mobile home

$25.00 for motorcycle dealers

$10.00 for ATV dealers

$20.00 for snowmobile dealers

$20.00 for trailer dealers

Dealer License for North Dakota


New dealer must submit license application, statement(s) of contract from the manufacturer(s), personal credit report, police report, photographs of the establishment and financial statement. All dealer lo­cations are physically inspected. Card size salesman’s license issued.

Dealer Licensing for Ohio

New: Must be franchised, licensed with the Motor Vehicle Commission, have a shop for working on vehicles, and a used car outlet. Salesmen must be licensed.

Dealer License Fees:

$200.00 initial application

$60.00 annual renewal

Used, Wholesale, Salvage and New/Used Manufactured Home Dealers: Must be licensed with the Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission.

Dealer License Fees:

$200.00 initial application

$100.00 annual renewal

Used dealers and New/Used Manufactured home dealers must have a building, lot, sign and lavatory facilities. Salvage dealers must have a telephone, lot and sign. Vehicles must be out and on site (fenced). Wholesale dealers must have an office.

Watercraft Dealers: Must be licensed with the Oklahoma Tax Commission.


$200.00 plus $10.00 per dealer franchise agree­ment

Renewal – $100.00 plus $10.00 per each dealer franchise agreement.

New/Used Trailer Dealers: Must be licensed with the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Fee: $15.00 (includes one dealer license plate) for each type of dealer

Dealers must be licensed by the state.

Dealer License Fees:

$329.00 for three year registration

$327.00 for 3-year renewal (includes plate).

Dealer plates are issued to be used for demonstration and delivery purposes. Personal use is also permitted.

Oregon Dealer License”

and this

Application for license must indicate type of license for which the application is be­ing made. License must be renewed annually. Each approved dealer is assigned an eight (8) digit dealer identification number (DIN). The first two numbers correspond to the category of vehicle the dealer is licensed to sell.

Dealer Licence in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Dealer License

All dealers must be licensed through the Motor Vehicle Dealers License Commis­sion. Applications are investigated prior to license issuance. Licenses are renewed annually on December 31.

Conact: Motor Vehicles 401-588-3020

State license is required for all new and used car dealers and camper/motorcycle dealers.

Dealer License Fee: $50.00

Issued for demonstration and delivery use only. New car dealers are not required to be franchised; used car dealers may sell new cars.

Dealer License in South Carolina

An individual in the business of selling or advertising sale of vehicles is considered a dealer and must be licensed. Dealer application requirements and renewal applications are filed through the County Treasurer. Investigation of the applicant and the described place of business are conducted by the state dealer inspector.

The place of business must be:
a) a commercial structure within the state of South Dakota, with a display area for five or more vehicles

b) in accordance with building codes and zoning laws

c) location where required books and records are kept

d) the principal business at the location (cannot be the residence of the applicant).

Dealer License Fees: new/used vehicle dealer

$250.00 dealer ($100.00 renewal)

mobile home dealer $250.00 ($75.00 renewal)

motorcycle dealer $200.00 ($75.00 renewal)

snowmobile dealer $100.00 ($50.00 renewal)

trailer dealer $75.00 ($50.00 re­newal)

Southn Dakota Dealer License

More information

When an individual sells more than 5 vehicles during a calendar year, he is considered in business and must be licensed by the state as a dealer.

When applying for license, new vehicle dealers must sub­mit a franchise agreement.

New Vehicle Dealer License Fee: $100.00 for each branch upon application/renewal.

Used vehicle dealers may not sell new vehicles.

Used Vehicle Dealer License Fee: $100.00 upon application/renewal

A facility inspection is conducted for all dealers prior to li­cense issuance.

Tennessee Dealer License

Texas Residents Click Here. This is a special manual about how to get your Texas dealers license. Since I am a Texas dealer, I know exactly who to contact for bonding, insurance, … Leran Texas paperowkr, download the Texas dealer license application, and everything else you need.

Used Car Dealer License Fees:

$500.00 for the first year
$200.00 renewal fee per year

License is required for all dealers. A dealer is an individual selling or exchanging three or more new or used motor vehicles within a 12-month period. All applicants are investigated by the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division. Application Form TC ‑ 301 must be completed.

Dealer License Fees:

New Vehicle $125.00

Used Vehicle $125.00

Utah Dealer License

More information

Dealers selling 12 or more cars in a year must be licensed. Dealers must have real es­tate value of not less than $10,000. License renewals are on a staggered basis. A Dealer Audit is conducted by State In­spectors for approval of license renewal.

Dealer License Fee: $275.00 for new and used automobile dealers (5 plates)

Lemon Law for Vermont

Certification of Qualification required: each new dealer&;operator and salesperson must pass written examination ($25.00 fee). If applicant is a dealer in new vehicles with factory warranties, a copy of service agreement with manufacturer or distributor is required. The dealer sales office must be inspected by a DMV investi­gator prior to issuance. Each dealer is assigned a permanent dealer code with up to five digits. Licenses are staggered, fees are prorated, each plate must be insured and all licenses expire on the last day of the designated month. Preprinted re­newal forms are mailed to licensed dealers for renewal purposes.

Dealer License Fee:

$100.00 upon application and renewal of dealer li­cense

$10.00 for each salesman license

Additional fee for Recovery Fund

New dealership must pay $250.00 for three consecutive years without a bond or fund claim being filed.

Annual fee:


$ 10.00 renewal for each salesperson.

Multi-year licensing is optional

Fee: $200.00 for dealership

$20.00 each sales person

Virginia Dealer License

All dealers must be licensed.

Washington has three dealer classifications: Motor Ve­hicle, Mobile Home/Travel Trailer, and Miscellaneous dealers.

Dealer License Fee: $500.00 original dealer licenses

$250.00 renewal (Staggered annual renewal)

Washingotn Dealer License

All dealers must be licensed. If an individual sells five or more vehicles in a calendar year, license is required. Dealer licenses are renewed annually on June 30. New Car Dealers must provide at time of ap­plication, proof of established place of business, display area, franchise agreement, and room for repairs. An on-site in­spection of dealer facilities is conducted prior to the issuance of a dealer license. Periodic inspections of dealer facilities are also conducted.

New Car Dealer License Fee: $100.00 upon application and renewal.

Used Car Dealer requirements are the same as for new car dealers, with the exception of a franchise agreement where posted hours of operation and outside display area are re­quired.

Used Car Dealer Fee: $100.00 upon application and renewal.

West Virgina Dealer License

Manufacturers, distributors, dealers and mobile home dealers are required to obtain business license (not required for trailer dealers). Individuals buying and selling more than five vehicles are required to obtain a dealer’s license. Issued for 2-year period based on date of issuance.

Dealer License Fee: $40.00 – $100.00 depending on type of vehicle sold.

Dealers are required to file $25,000 bond. Trailer plates issued to trailer dealers for the transportation of trailers exceeding 3,000 lbs.

Wisconsin Dealer License

More information

An Application for a Wyoming Dealer License must be submitted each year. All ap­plications are investigated prior to license issuance.

Dealer License Fee:

$25.00 or $ 100.00 upon application and annual renewal

(fee depends on number of retail sales)

Watercraft dealers require only a Sales/Use Tax license, which is issued by the Wyo­ming Department of Revenue.