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Three Membership Options

1. Two-Day, one-on-one dealer auction training + the Master Course. $2400 Click Here

2. Get the “Master Course”. Includes all six modules below. $795 Click Here

Mailed study course.

Instant online access.

Payment plan available.

Phone coaching included.

3. Or… I can create a training program just for you. Click Here


[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#25558C”]Module 1 & 2
Learn the Basics of the Car Business
Find, Inspect, Appraise, Buy, Recondition, Sell[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

Do you need this?

1. Can you find frame damage on a car?

2. Can you find evidence of paintwork on a car?

3. Can you determine wholesale value of a car?

If you are not 100% SURE of the answer, you need to read this, highlight this, & practice the advice!

Module 1 & 2 is what I consider “the basics”. It’s like knowing how to tackle & block in football. Basics! If you don’t know this information, you will mostly certainly punish your bank account for it. I guarantee it.


45 Minute Used Car Inspection Video – In this video (inside the membership area) I will teach you step-by-step how I inspect used cars for body damage, evidence of paintwork, frame damage, flood damage, … Watch it several times!

What will this teach you?

1. Where to find cars (not just auctions). At least 15 different sources are revealed.

2. How to inspect the car properly. This will help you avoid buying junk/lemons. A most crucial part of the training. This stuff isn’t hard when you KNOW what to look for. I will teach you.

3. How to accurately determine wholesale & retail pricing. This is your guide so you don’t pay too much.

4. How to properly recondition the car. Make that puppy shine. A properly reconditioned cars sales for more money.

5. How to negotiate to get the lowest price possible. This is more of an art I teach.

6. How to sell the car for the maximum dollars the fastest.

dealer license[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#25558C”]Module 3 & 4
The Three Basic Business Models
& The In’s and Out’s of Dealer Auctions[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

The Three Basic Business Models
1. Home Based Car Business
2. Small Car Lot Operations
3. Used Car Wholesaler

Do you need this?

If you have never operated a small car lot, been in the trenches with a used car wholesaler, or successfully purchased cars at dealer auctions, you will love this training.

You can’t learn JUST how to be a wholesaler without knowing auctions and dealers! And, visa versa. You need to know all three – retailing, wholesaling, and auctions.


How to Get Your Dealers License Manual. $49 Value.

Three Small Dealer Interviews. Listen & learn as they spill the beans.

The eBay Model – Buy & Sell on eBay.

What will this teach you?

1. How you can start from home to starting buying & selling cars. This is a part-time strategy. If you want to get serious, step up & get a dealers license with the profits you have made.

1. The in’s & out’s of dealer auctions such as… the dealer auction process, bidding strategy, selling cars at auction, arbitration, & a lot more.

2. How to be a used car wholesaler. How to make money as a wholesaler. The ten commandments of wholesalers. Building your dealer network. A day in the life of a wholesaler. And a lot more.

3. How to operate a small car lot. Step by step. The ten commandments for retailing success. Financing. Warranties. Paperwork. Inventory mix. Inventory turnover. Car security. Dirty dealer trick. And a lot more.

dealer license[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#25558C”]VOLUME 5 & 6
The Definitive Guide to The
Auto Broker Business Model[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

Do you need this?

Want to operate a professional car buying service. No retail hours. Think about it, you are only buying cars that are already sold. This model is also scalable by hiring brokers underneath you.

If this sounds appealing, you will love this training.


60 Minutes of Phone Coaching with George.

Online Access to the Auto Dealer Academy

Question & Answer Forum

Six-Hour Training Audio Download

What will this teach you?

The auto broker model is THE method I recommend most. You BUY CARS for people. Someone wants a three year old, pearl white, Acura TL. No problem. Agree on a price (or charge a flat fee). Go buy the car. And pocket the profit.

You will learn how to ‘get the word out’. How to take profitable orders. How to make a profit on trade-ins. How to add on extended warranties easily to 80% of your deals. How to work with fleet managers. And much more.

Learn my proven 15 step process. This covers the marketing, taking profitable orders, selling extended warranties, sourcing the cars, buying their trade-in, facilitating finance, completing the deal, and repeating it over & over.