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Your ‘Car Traders Club’ membership grants you:




helping you succeed in the car business.


You get the in-depth training you need to get started buying Six Step Process Chart& selling used cars for profit from home (without the need of a dealers license). I will teach you the entire system from A-Z. This is the nuts-and-bolts of the car business.

Even if you consider yourself a ‘beginner’, I will teach you everything step by step. I’ve done it countless of times. With my guidance, you should be able to learn this business with halfyourbrain tied behind your back – it ain’t that hard.

You will learn everything. Look at the diagram to the side. This is the system in a nutshell. (I go more in-depth about the training below.)

AND, get this… This training is INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP! And your membership is just $20. Give me a break. This is what I call ‘stupid cheap’.

You will get instant access to this training on the very next page (of course you have to join first).


We all know the money is made when you buy the car for the RIGHT MONEY! If you pay too much, you are screwed. A financial loss is certain. so, let me HELP YOU buy the car for the ‘right money‘. As a member of the Car Trader Club, you can get up to 2 ‘Wholesale Valuation Reports’ to get your started on the right path! This should make determining the value of any car a ‘no brainer’!

No one else will do this for you for $20! This is another benefit that is ‘stupid cheap’.

Let me be blunt… It is scary as hell putting a number on a car when its Example Valuation Reportyour own money on the line BUT its pretty darn easy IF you KNEW the cars value. As a member of the ‘Car Trader Club‘, this fear vanishes! Poof….gone.

I will show you exactly what similar cars, to the one you considering buying, recently sold for dealer auctions around the country (just like in Video #2!). These are ACTUAL SALES TRANSACTIONS – not a ‘guide’. Do you understand the power of that???

Even if you stretch a little (pay a little more) to buy the car, NADA reports the average profit per car is about $1600. SO, you DO have SOME room to step up a little.

Does this make sense? I will tell you more details below.


On the secret membership webpage on the Auto Dealer Academy website, Yelp, that's me!you can ask any question you want! I promise to answer it. I am here to help. You will not be left out in the cold to ‘figure this business out on your own“. I am your mentor. Your friend. Your guide. Let me help you. This is hands down, the most valuable part of your membership.

Periodically, I do group coaching calls too!



Here is what you get for $20:

* 2 Used Car Wholesale Valuation Reports.

Six Step Buying & Selling From Home System ($297 Value).

* Access to the Question & Answer Area. I will answer all your questions.


So listen….next month, I am raising the price to $49 a month. Lock in this cheap price now. 

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