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Need a Paint Thickness Gauge?

I always recommend one. Its a second set of eyes helping you detect paintwork! You see, the manufacturers put on a VERY even coating of paint. Honda’s, for example, generally have 4.5 mils of paint on the panels. Lets pretend you measure the door and it reads 4.7, the fender reads 4.3, and then the quarter panel reads 12.3! Let me tell you right now, that quarter panel has been painted! Stay away from paintwork cars – ESPECIALLY if you are auto brokering. Having one of these tools, although expensive, helps solidify you are a car buying expert to your clients. Who else would own a $650 instrument but a professional. I have tested ALL the paintmeters (Quanix, Elcometer, …) at the auction. STAY away from cheap ones! You truly get what you pay for when it comes to fine instrumentation. Personally, I LOVE the Positest DFT Combo – its sleek with a large display and the numbers even flip when its inverted! It comes with a carrying case. This combo measures BOTH steel & aluminum! No calibration required – it just works! Its sold brand new shipped two day UPS with a full two year warranty! I’ve even recorded an instruction video on how to use the darn thing. You will get a password along with your order to view the training video!

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Retail Price: $660 with Free Case & Shipping!

Auto Dealer Academy PRICE:

$660 Total

Order a Postitest DFT Combo
with Free Leather Carrying Pouch

One on One Auction Training

Get two days of hands on, one-on-one, training in Dallas Texas. Reading is one thing, but actually doing it with an instructor is another! We will teach you how to thoroughly inspect a used car at an auction, how auctions work, how the bidding process works, bidding tricks, how to watch and listen to the auctioneer, arbitration, post sale inspections, how to pay for the car, how to get it home, how to determine wholesale and retail value, find paintwork, find frame damage, … The first day you are following the instructor learning with little tests along the way. The next day, auction day, the instructor will follow you and show you what you missed! The second day is critical. This is when we you will know if you “got it”! Every person who has done the training will tell you hands down, its the best $2500 they ever spent.

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Two Days at the Auction
Two Days at the Auction

Buy Here Pay Here Training Manual

This is the only Buy Here Pay Here Manual (117 pages) of its kind. No one wants to spill the beans on how to do it. Many of my dealers I’ve trained as added Buy Here Pay Here as a profit center to their existing dealership. I recommend starting small and starting with cars you felt like you got an amazing price!

We will cover…

  • Financial management
  • RFC (Related Finance Companies)
  • Selling your Notes
  • Management Information Systems,
  • Your BHPH Customer
  • Your Staff
  • Your Inventory
  • Marketing
  • Lending Basics
  • Underwiriting
  • Interviewing Your Customer
  • Credit Reports
  • Default Rates
  • Repossessions
  • Extended Warranties
  • Repairs
  • and more…

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