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Hi, my name is George. I was born in Mississippi but grew up in Louisiana. I am a good ole southern boy who did good. I graduated from LSU and went on to retail, wholesale, & auto broker cars & trucks for years.

I have a knack for teaching and have trained dealers, wholesalers, & auto brokers since 1997. That was a long long time ago. I’ve seen it a lot. I’ve seen a lot of stupid costly mistakes people make. I help my members avoid those mistakes! I think it’s smarter to seek a mentor who has been-there done-that.

I don’t sugar coat anything. I tell you “how-it-is”. Love me or hate me, you’ll know I am a straight-shooting guy who will always tell you truth.

I have bought and sold cars for profit in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, New York, Alabama, …
Back in 1989, I started buying and selling cars for profit. My first deal was a 1982 Toyota Cressida. I bought it for $800. I drove it for about a year and sold it for $1500! Not too bad. I was hooked. I drove the car for FREE and made money.

Throughout college, I bought and sold other cars. Toyota trucks, Mitsubishi Eclipses, Mazda MX-6s, and a motorcycle here and there.

After college, I was offered a job by a large car wholesaling/retailing organization. We were the world’s largest purchaser of used cars Carmax – according to Manheim Auction Statistics!

Listen to the Auction

We had a HUGE wholesale/retail operation on the east coast. However, we traveled throughout the United States attending auctions in Texas, New York, LA, Seattle, Florida, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Georgia, Alabama, and even Hawaii.

At our ONE location, we were moving an outrageous number of cars per week, something like 2000 cars a week, either through wholesale or retail channels. It was a busy place! We were making some great money!

I was put through a formal intensive training program with some of the nation’s top wholesalers! I learned in the trenches and ‘death heat’ at the Orlando Auto Auction. I have also bought tons of cars at Manheim in PA, Georgia Dealers Auction, Dallas Auto Auction, Seattle Auto Auction, and more! We flew all over the country buying cars (they even owned a darn private jet to take us!). It was awesome. I was taught how to buy/sell at auctions, how to wholesale, who to inspect cars, how to determine wholesale and retail values, how to run a retail operation, and MUCH more!

Let me tell you one quick story…

in my training at the Orlando Auto Auction, the wholesaler would put me back about 10 cars to inspect each one before they were rolled into the auction block. I had about 1 minute per car (in 95 degree temperatures and 98% humidity!) to give the wholesaler a thumbs up if the car was ‘clean’ with no paintwork or accidents! AND, I better not screw up or my ass would be chewed out later! They didn’t let me buy my FIRST car until I knew how to inspect cars and value them properly & quickly. It sucked but NOW I appreciate it! And, so will YOU because I will teach you this business COLD without the heat or yelling.

We were moving over 1000 cars a week & running our OWN auctions as well. Think about that. I not only bought cars from auction, I helped run our own auctions. Think of the lessons I learned! I’ll teach you all of them! This is the real deal folks. No bull crap here. I tell you how it is.

AND… I have PERSONALLY hand trained 100s of new dealers myself. I didn’t just write a little ebook to sell on the internet to make a couple bucks- I’ve got real world experience with thousands of hours at dealer auctions.

I truly AM your friend in the car business who will tell you how it really is – even if it’s not what you ‘want to hear’. I never sugar coat the truth, sometimes to my detriment! And, I will never-ever spend even 5 seconds trying to ‘convince you’ to join the Auto Dealer Academy. Some people will. Most can’t. It’s OK.

So now, I put all that knowledge into the Auto Dealer Academy! This is not some cheap little $34.95 manual with 50 pages in it. I spent about 16 years writing and rewriting this study course. I put my heart and soul into its production. My customers have really loved the depth and valuable information I teach.

Buying & selling cars for profit has made me a great deal of money. I know that IF (that’s a BIG ‘if”) you study the manual and DO WHAT IT SAYS, you can make great money also. You can’t sit on your butt watching football and expect it to happen. This DOES require some work on your part!

My first basic philosophy

is to buy mechanically sound 10 – 15 year old, cheap used cars that retail for under $3995. There are many reasons for this price range. Also, I like to stick mainly to imports. Additionally, I like cars that are easy to recondition. Reconditioning can be the key to great profits. I stay away from “project cars” that require lots of time and money because they increase the risk of the purchase. The whole reason for my philosophy is to make used car investments that are low risk with a high profit margin that require little of my time.

My second basic philosophy

is to auto broker cars for profit. This is where you BUY cars for people for a FEE or negotiated price (I discuss each in the study course) This is TRULY the BEST way to buy & sell cars for profit IN MY OPINION. Make sure you watch Video #4 I believe. It covers Auto Brokering.

Based on these philosophies, I packed my study course with solid, real life money-making information. It took me years to learn these lessons and inside secrets. It took me over nine months writing this manual. I hope you are pleased!

WARNING: There is a crook, or scum bag might be a better word, who sells similar smaller manual but never delivering them to their customer! If you are thinking of ordering another product, email me the persons name and I will tell you if he is the person who is ripping people off. You have my word and my promise you will get your product, I will return your emails, and I will do what I say!

MY PROMISE: When you order, I will ship your product within 48 hours. I ship everything USPS Priority Mail. It is about a 3 day delivery. You will also get the tracking number and website so you can track your own package. I will earn your confidence. Questions? My Cell 817-851-6207

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